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What is Condensed Matter Physics and why is it interesting ?

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Faculty Members

Ken Burch Optical Spectroscopy, Spintronics, Nanotechnology, quantum Phase Transitions and Quantum Criticality, and Other Strongly Correlated Electron Systems kburch(at)
Phone: 416 978 5264
Office: McLennan 083
Stephen Julian Quantum Phase Transitions and Quantum Criticality, de Haas van Alphen Measurement, High Pressure Experiment, Heavy Fermions, and Other Correlated Electron Systems sjulian(at)
Phone: 416 978 8188
Office: McLennan 086
Hae-Young Kee High Temperature Superconductors, Spin Triplet Ruthenate Superconductors, Electronic Liquid Crystal Phases, Quantum Magnetism hykee(at)
Phone: 416 978 5196
Office: McLennan 1009
Yong Baek Kim Frustrated Magnets, Quantum Spin Liquid, Quantum Phase Transitions and Quantum Criticality, Quantum Hall Effect ybkim(at)
Phone: 416 978 5193
Office: McLennan 1016
Young-June Kim Inelastic X-ray and Neutron Scattering, Doped Mott Insulator, High Temperature Superconductors, Orbital Physics in Transition Metal Oxides, Quantum Magnetism yjkim(at)
Phone: 416 978 7868
Office: McLennan 084
Arun Paramekanti Supersolid, Quantum Spin Liquid, High Temperature Superconductors, Disordered Bosons arunp(at)
Phone: 416 978 8633
Office: McLennan 1006
John Wei Nanoscale Experimentation on Quantum Materials wei(at)
Phone: 416 946 5943
Office: McLennan 081


Robert Birgeneau Neutron and X-ray Scattering, High Temperature Superconductors, Classical and Quantum Magnetism, Liquid Crystals in Confined Geometries

Rashmi Desai Physics of Complex Fluids, Statistical Physics of Phase Transitions, Domain Growth and Interface Dynamics, Instabilities, Nonlinearities, Pattern Selection and Spatio-Temporal Chaos desai(at)
Phone: 416 978 5191
Office: McLennan 1001
Allan Griffin Many Body Physics of Ultra Cold Quantum Gases, Bose-Einstein Condensation in Trapped Atomic Bose Gases, Cooper Pairing in Trapped Atomic Fermi Gases griffin(at)
Phone: 416 978 5199
Office: McLennan 1007
Allan Jacobs Ferroelastics, Frustrated Antiferromagnets, and Surface States jacobs(at)
Phone: 416 978 7979
Office: McLennan 1101
Michael Walker Superconductivity, Phase Transitions, Finance walker(at)
Phone: 416 978 3821
Office: McLennan 1004


Sajeev John Photon Localization, Photonic Bandgaps, Many Body Theory john(at)
Phone: 416 978 3459
Office: McLennan 1002
Stephen Morris Experimental Nonlinear Physics, Nonequilibrium Pattern Formation, Convection in Simple Fluid and Liquid Crystals, Segregation in Granular Media, Spatio-Temporal Chaos smorris(at)
Phone: 416 978 6810
Office: McLennan 505B
John Sipe Theory of Quantum and Nonlinear Optics sipe(at)
Phone: 416 978 4517
Office: McLennan 1013
Joseph Thywissen Cold Atom Experiment, Bose-Einstein Condensation, Degenerate Fermions, Cold Atoms in Chips jht(at)
Phone: 416 978 2941
Office: McLennan 1109A
Henry van Driel Quantum Optics Experiment, Photonic Bandgap Crystals vandriel(at)
Phone: 416 978 4200
Office: McLennan 1104B


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