Old news from the Steinberg group

"Old news" from the Steinberg Group

Just a reverse chronological list of some of our old stories of potential interest -- sorry for the lack of formatting.

21 January 2015: The second-closest thing to an epistemology paper I've ever come to writing has finally (!) been published. Also, it appears the editors have seen fit to bestow upon me an honorary faculty position in Haifa!

6 January 2015: Happy New Year! Business Insider (a magazine I never knew anything about before, but now realize is one of the premiere news sources on the planet) has joined Physics World in listing our Quantum Data Compression experiment as one of the top 11 physics discoveries of 2014!

24 December 2014: A Christmas Present! Our Note on different definitions of momentum disturbance, after a protracted and unpleasant interaction with Phys Rev, has instead been accepted for publication in Quantum Studies: Mathematics and Foundations!

18 December 2014: Congratulations to Hugo on a very successful M.Sc. defense!

12 December 2014: Our data compression work has been selected as one of the top ten Physics Breakthroughs of the Year according to Physics World! (See related story on BBC.) Congratulations, every one!

2 December 2014: We are happy to announce that Dylan Mahler has joined the swelling ranks of Ph.D. graduates from our group! Nice work, Dylan!

1 December 2014: Our work on interfering exciton-polariton condensates created at different times has, after dogged persistence, finally come out! Congratulations to Alex, and the whole team!

11 November 2014: Hearty congratulations go out to Amir on his success at his SGS thesis defense!

7 November 2014: Our PRX on optimizing the choice of states for quantum metrology has been published!

October 2014: Our work on the Heisenberg measurement-disturbance relationship [see PRL 109, 100404 (12)] is discussed in the article in the October 2014 issue of La Recherche.

17 October 2014: Our PRL on quantum data compression has finally appeared, along with a nice Focus article by David Lindley. [Update: this work was chosen by Physics World as one of the top ten physics breakthroughs of 2014! Congratulations to the whole team!]

9 October 2014: Congratulations to Dylan on an excellent performance at his departmental thesis defense!

9 October 2014: Apparently, publication of our PRL on data compression is getting bumped another week, to make room for coverage of the Chemistry Nobel Prize. I guess that's fair.

7 October 2014: Congratulations, Xingxing, Amir, & Alex, on the publication of your Optics Express article on a Quantum CDMA channel!

29 September 2014: Our paper on Quantum Data Compression (expected to be published online at PRL around Wednesday) has already been reported on in the pages of Physics World and Nature!

23 September 2014: Congratulations to Ginelle and Josiah on successfully completing their M.Sc. degrees!

18 September 2014: Congratulations, Amir, on passing your departmental Ph.D. defense!

4 September 2014: Congratulations to Amir on receiving a postdoc offer at Oxford!

4 September 2014: Congratulations to Dylan on receiving a postdoc offer at the University of Bristol!

4 September 2014: Belated congratulations to Lee, who is about to start a postdoc at the University of Vienna!

29 August 2014: Congratulations to Lee on successfully defending his Ph.D thesis!

2 June 2014: Kudos to Lee, James, and the rest of the team on the publication of our paper on using optical centroid measurements to achieve quantum superresolution!
(And thanks to Jonathan Matthews for the nice Physics Viewpoint about our work! Phys.org also carried a report about the experiment.)

21 May 2014: Rockson's work is featured in phys.org.

2 May 2014: Congratulations to Rockson and the team on the publication of our work on the onset of the effective mass!

18 March 2014: Science Daily and a few other sites are featuring stories about our work on the Superconducting QUAntum Light Emitting Diode.

12 March 2014: Congratulations to Alex et al. on surviving the war of attrition with Phys Rev referees, and on the publication of our proposal for generating entangled photons using the entanglement inherent in Cooper pairs.

Congratulations to Chao on joining the small army U of T Physics has sent to take over the Bank of Montreal!

5 Feb 2014: Congratulations to Emiliano and the rest on the publication of their PRL on "Ultrafast Stark-Induced Polaritonic Switches"!

3 Dec 2013: Congratulations to Chao and the whole gang on the publication of our paper on coherent control in optical lattices!

2 Dec 2013: Congratulations to Alex & Amir on the publication of their theory paper on weak-value amplification for quantum dots!

28 Nov 2013: Congratulations to Xingxing and Christian on the announcement of their new startup company, QKD Corp.!

26 Nov 2013: Congratulations to Rockson and the rest of the BEC team on the publication of their work on transient momentum-space interference of condensates!

29 Oct 2013: Congratulations to Dylan, Lee, et al on the publication of their paper "Adaptive Quantum State Tomography Improves Accuracy Quadratically"!

Congratulations to Chao on passing his SGS defense!

Congratulations to Alex on taking up an excellent faculty position at the Technion!

Congratulations to Rockson on his successful SGS oral, and on accepting a postdoc position with David Clement at the Institut d'Optique (Palaiseau)!

Congratulations to Rockson on passing his departmental thesis defense!

Congratulations to XXX, PhD, on passing his SGS!

Congratulations to Alex on joining CIFAR's Junior Fellow Academy!

Our article in Physics World, "In Praise of Weakness", has appeared. In it we try to give an overview of weak measurement, how it modifies our view of the quantum world and the effects of observation, and what it might be good for.

Congratulations to Xingxing, Amir, and Alex on the publication of our Optics Express about temporal Quantum Code Division Multiple Access!
Congratulations to Xingxing on his departmental Ph.D. oral, and on starting his exciting new postdoc at IOS and the Ontario Brain Institute!
Congratulations to Alex, Parisa, and 12 other people on the publication of our superconductor-semiconductor tunnel diode paper in PRX!
Congratulations to Dylan, Lee, et al on the publication of our DFS-search algorithm in PRA!
Congratulations to Alex on winning the Polanyi Prize!
Congratulations to Lee, Ardavan, and the rest of us on demonstrating a violation of Heisenberg's Principle! The work is featured in Physics.
--and congratulations to Lee and Dylan for getting their picture on the BBC News!
(But here is the U of T Press Release about our work, somewhat more careful to give proper credit to previous workers on this topic.)

Congratulations to Greg on this nice interview with Pop Physics, where he explains his fascination with quantum optics and his gripes about the long hours and low pay!
(For a somewhat less qualifiedly positive perspective on graduate school, but echoing many of Greg's themes, this recent essay is worth a glance.)

Congratulations to Alex, Christoph, et al., on the publication of our paper on AC Stark-shifting excition-polaritons in a microcavity!

Congratulations to Aggie, Dylan, et al., on the publication of our work on self-calibrating tomography!

Congratulations to Chao et al. on the long-awaited submission of our work on using coherent control to reduce loss in optical lattices!

Congratulations to Dylan et al. on the submission of a paper showing how one can identify a useful (decoherence-free) subspace much more efficiently than by doing full process tomography!

Congratulations to Alex on winning the prestigious Howard Alper Prize!!

Congratulations to Yasaman on completing (and successfully defending) her PhD!

Our work on reconstructing trajectories in the two-slit experiment was selected by Physics World as the top physics breakthrough of the year! (Cf. this take.) Additionally, the runner-up was another Canadian paper applying weak measurements to study foundational questions in quantum mechanics! Congratulations to our own alum Jeff Lundeen, and to the field of experimental quantum measurement in general!

Congratulations to Chris on accepting a postdoc position at the Magnetic Resonance Systems Research Lab at Stanford!

Congratulations to Amir & Xingxing on the publication of their PRL on weak measurement amplification for probing single-photon-level nonlinearities!

Congratulations, Dylan, Shreyas, Yasaman, and Ray (the "First Harmonics"), on winning First Prize at the OSA Optics Olympics!

Former group member Jeff Lundeen's paper on Direct measurement of the quantum wavefunction is the most downloaded paper on the Nature website as of June 18th!

Our article on weakly measuring the trajectories of photons in a 2-slit interferometer appeared in Science on June 3, 2011;
nice press coverage includes an excellent article on the BBC website, as well as Chad Orzel's clear and kind blog post. Krister is keeping a more complete archive of the coverage.
My favorite, however, is Mitch Benn's rap song about our work which starts around 5m40 into the 10 June, 2011 "Now Show" on BBC radio 4 (available only through June 17, so hurry up and download your copy today!)-- the YouTube version may stand a chance of sticking around longer.

Congratulations to Alex on receiving one of the 2011 EPS thesis prizes for work on Quantum Electronics and Optics!

Congratulations to Samansa on accepting a postdoctoral position in Dwayne Miller's group in Hamburg!

Congratulations to Mirco on accepting a postdoctoral position in Rainer Dumke's group in Singapore!

Zach's paper on implementing SIC-POVMs in optics and showing that they offer a more natural way to do quantum state tomography and perhaps to think about quantum states in general has now appeared in Phys. Rev. A.

Congratulations to Alex on winning one of the prestigious new Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships (along with the equally prestigious Rothschild Fellowship, and the growing-in-stature CQIQC Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship)!

Sven and Alessandro's paper (with Andrew White & myself) on matchgate quantum computing has been selected one of the New Journal of Physics's "Best of 2010". Congratulations, guys!

Congratulations to Chris on passing his SGS defense! Yet another doctor in the family!

Our paper on closed timelike curves has finally appeared in PRL!

Congratulations to Chris on passing his departmental oral!

Samansa has passed her SGS Ph.D. defence! Congratulations, Samansa!

Congratulations on passing your SGS oral, Herr Doktor Mirko!

Justin Mullins's "The Quantum Time Machine" discusses our work with Seth Lloyd and Lorenzo Maccone on closed timelike curves in the 17 November 2010 issue of New Scientist.

Samansa's PRL on doing pump-probe spectroscopy of vibrational states in an optical lattice has been published!

Samansa has passed her departmental thesis defense - congratulations!

Krister has passed his SGS oral -- congratulations, Krister!

Samansa's paper on 2D spectroscopy of the lattice has been finally accepted at PRL!

Both Mirco and Krister have passed their departmental thesis defenses!

Unlike the referees, wired.com and slashdot seem to find our paper on closed timelike loops interesting!

After a two-year struggle, Rob's paper on MUB-based tomography has finally been published!

Krister seems to be hogging the news lately, but deserves congratulations on his latest demonstration that his remarkable talents extend way beyond experimental physics (spontaneous parametric down-conversion and quantum imaging explained through dance).

Congratulations, Dylan, on winning a PGS-D fellowship!

Congratulations, Krister, on following up your CIFAR fellowship news with the award of an NSERC postdoctoral fellowship!

Congratulations, Krister, on winning a fellowship to be a postdoctoral member of the CIFAR Junior Academy!

Congratulations, Rob, on becoming an Assistant Professor at Dalhousie! (With Ana -- UNC-Charlotte -- and Kevin -- IQC-Waterloo -- this makes 3 former students from our group in faculty positions, with a combined salary probably equalling that of our former student at ScotiaBank...)

Congratulations to Krister on his virtuoso public lecture on "The Quantum Physics of Harry Potter"!

Alain Aspect awards the inaugural John Stewart Bell Prize to Nicolas Gisin on behalf of the CQIQC in August 2009!
(if you use a Microsoft product and it can't follow the above link, click here to see the full webcast of the presentation and Gisin's talk on "Quantum Nonlocality: How does Nature perform the trick?!?")

The 2011 link to the John Stewart Bell Prizes, as the video link is currently down.

Jeff's weak-measurement paper inspires this article in the Toronto Star, which goes a long way towards making Hardy's Paradox accessible through pithy (if not always accurate) observations like "Perhaps anti-photons are the smallest particles of darkness, and if you put a lot of them together you get a black hole or some other matter-destroying device. For example, Bernie Madoff. Anyway, photons apparently go around in pairs due to a process called Quantum Entanglement, which I think is like a dating service for very small (and presumably lonely) particles."

March 5th: Jeff's weak-measurement paper is discussed in this article in The Economist!

Jeff's paper on using experimental joint weak measurements to resolve Hardy's Paradox has appeared in Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 020404 (2009).
Here is a lay description of our work on Hardy's Paradox.

Krister and Rob's paper on triphoton tomography has appeared in Nature 457, 67 (2009).

Mapping a New World For Light: The scientific revolution is often dated back to Copernicus's model of the solar system and before that, the re-recognition by the Western world that the Earth is round. Yet in the strange domain of quantum physics, scientists have once more been studying a flat world for the past several years. Our latest result, published in Nature on January 1st, 2009, has now shown what riches can be found by circumnavigating the quantum globe.

Rob and Pete's theory paper on tomography of practically indistinguishable systems has appeared in Phys. Rev. A

Chinese test two missiles at Mt. St.-Louis in Ontario
Samansa's paper on pulse echoes in the optical lattice has been selected for publication in the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology, as well as the Virtual Journal of Quantum Information.

Max & Rob's article on nonorthogonal-state discrimination, Phys Rev A 76, 062314 (2007), was selected for the Virtual Journal of Quantum Information.

"Two Slits Are Better Than One!" at sciencebase.com describes our recent experiment on the complementarity principle (see also New J. Phys. 9 (2007) 287 for our article). Our paper is also the "featured journal article" in the Sep 2007 edition of PhysicsWorld.com

Breaking News: Relativity Still Correct! Photon tunneling hits the news again every 5 or 10 years, as those who would over-dramatize it hope for more and more of the voices of reason to get tired of commenting on the same experiments (e.g. my 1994 thesis). New Scientist covers the latest hype in the August 17, 2007 issue, also picked up by photonics.com and many media outlets which were too gullible to be cited here :-)
[Here I'll point out that even the relatively (no pun intended) even-handed coverage quoted me as saying "it's just a matter of interpretation," where what I am rather sure I said was "I take no issue with their experimental results, only with their interpretation." What I meant of course is that their interpretation is wrong: not that one is free to interpret their experiment as violating relativity or not!]

Bose-Einstein condensation achieved 17 March, 2005!
(if you use a Microsoft product and it can't follow the above link, click here)

An Einstein-year Photon Symposium on Nov 16-17, 2005!

Dürrenmatt's THE PHYSICISTS May 13-14 at St. Vladimir Theatre in honour of the Year of Physics!
(if you use a Microsoft product and it can't follow the above link, click here)

Institute of Physics Highlights of 2004 lists "pure and applied quantum physics" as the top story, including references to our 3-photon path-entangled state and the related 4-photon state created by our friends in Vienna (including our alum Kevin Resch).

New Scientist article on our 3-photon entangled state.

Physics News Update recently featured work by our alum Naomi Ginsberg.

They also recently described the one-atom laser built by our alum Jason McKeever.

In 2001, they featured our work showing that single-photon counters can be used to probe not just the number of photons, but also their quantum-statistical properties.