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Barrier Shaper, AKA "Squeegee" Generic Controller King of the FPGAs

NOTICE: This webpage and associated files is provided for reference only.  This is not a kit site!  It is a collection of my work here at the University of Toronto in the Physics department. If you are considering using any schematics, designs, or anything else from here then be warned that you had better know something of what you are about to do.  No design is guaranteed in any way, including workable schematic, board layout, HDL code, embedded software, user software, component selection, documentation, webpages, or anything.

All that said, if it says here it works then for me it worked. To make the project work may have involved undocumented additions, changes, deletions, tweaks, tunings, alterations, modifications, adjustments, waving of a wand while wearing a pointy black hat, appeals to electron deities and just plain doing whatever it takes to make the project work.



Contact is Chris Ellanor in Aephraim's lab, started July 13 2005.  A 1-D laser is sent through an AOM in order to create a 2-D sheet of light as a barrier.  Due to the non-linearities of the AOM and inherent aberrations, the intensity is not even.  The Barrier Shaper circuit creates an arbitrary waveform to sweep the AOM, with slow changes in weak areas and fast in strong areas, so that the intensity is even over the whole sheet.  Hardware by Alan, Verilog by Chris (thanks for the off-loading!).

The board is designed for generic use, based around an Altera FPGA with a fast DAC, a quad slow DACs, an octal ADC, octal digital I/O plus a USB interface.  Specifically:

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