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Maintained by Jason Harlow.

First Year Physics Teaching Developments

"Putting Results of Physics Education Research Into Practice: Teaching introductory physics with concept-based team activities" - by Jason Harlow, Talk invited talk at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Physics Department [Presentation Slides PDF January 2012]

Preclass Videos for the first 6 weeks of PHY131 - developed by Jason Harlow, based on “Physics for Scientists and Engineers” 3rd Edition (©2013) by Randall Knight,  Chapters Knight 1-8 [Youtube Playlist - August 2012]

"The Effects of Physics Breadth Courses on Student Attitudes about Science" by Jason J.B. Harlow, Rikki Landau and David C. Bailey, submitted to Physics in Canada (v.70, Issue 2, 2014) - Theme Issue: Physics Education

High School Outreach 

Optics Workshop developed for Ontario Grade 10 Science Teachers, presented by Jason Harlow at the 34th annual Ontario Association of Physics Techers Conference at the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo Ontario, April 27, 2012 [Presentation Slides PDF, Workshop Handout]

General Physics Department Outreach slides for a short presentation in the Practicals Room, developed by Jason Harlow April 2012 [Presentation Slides PDF]

High School Physics Workshop - Designed for a 1.5 hour visit of Grade 11/12 High School students, developed by Jason Harlow for Etobicoke School of the Arts May 2012 [Presentation Slides PDF, Workshop Handout]

Blog entry on "Are Laser Pointers Dangerous to Pilots?" - May, 2012

Teaching Large Science Classes

"What's all the Clicking About? A Study of Classroom Response System Use at the University of Toronto" by Jason Harlow et al 2009 Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching (CELT), vol. 2. [10 page PDF] [Presentation Slides PDF shown June 20, 2008 in Windsor, Ontario]

"Using Twitter to Hear Student Comments and Questions when Teaching Large Classes in Convocation Hall" by Jason Harlow [Presentation Slides PDF October 2012]

David M. Harrison Teaching Award awarded each year by Jason Harlow for first year physics Practicals learning assitants  

How to assign Marks to i-clicker use at University of Toronto - Jason Harlow [technical details HTML]

Optics Teaching at the Junior Undergraduate Level

PHY385 Introductory Optics Practicals Modules, developed by Jason Harlow 2010-2012