John Martin

Professor and IPP Principal Research Scientist, Emeritus

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Are you a prospective graduate student wanting to push back the barriers to our understanding of the universe at its most fundamental level? The University of Toronto is a great place to do research in experimental particle physics.

"Billions of neutrinos from the sun pass through you every second and you don't even notice, fortunately!... Nevertheless in our laboratories we manage to make and study neutrinos, the most elusive and least understood of the known fundamental particles in our universe."

Please contact me or any member of our Experimental Particle Physics and Astrophysics group.

NEWS FLASH! June 2011: one of the top 10 physics results of 2011, says Physics World.

BREAKTHROUGH! Oct 2015: I and 1370 other physicists share the $3M 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics for observation and investigation of neutrino oscillations by five experimental collaborations, Super-K, SNO, KamLAND, K2K/T2K and Daya Bay.

LATEST NEWS! July 2016: T2K sees first hint of CP violation in neutrino physics!