John Martin

Professor and IPP Principal Research Scientist, Emeritus

People (recent)

  • Research Associates

    Serguei Fourletov, ZEUS 2003-07, now research physicist at JLAB
    Alysia Marino, T2K 2006-08, now professor at the University of Colorado
    Mark Hartz (jointly with York University), T2K 2009-2013, now research physicist at IPMU, Japan and TRIUMF, Canada

  • Graduate Students

    Trevor Stewart, ZEUS, PhD 2012, now post-doc at RAL
    Patrick de Perio, T2K and SK (NSERC Vanier Fellow), PhD 2014, inaugural winner of the CAP particle physics thesis prize, now NSERC post-doc at Columbia University

  • 4th Year Undergraduate Thesis Students

    Don Teo, T2K 2006/7, went on to graduate studies at Cornell University
    Jordan Myslik, T2K 2007/8, went on to graduate studies at the University of Victoria

  • NSERC Summer Students

    Trevor Stewart from University of New Brunswick, ZEUS 2004,2005
    Lindsay Baker, from University of Guelph, ZEUS 2005
    Patrick de Perio, from University of Waterloo, T2K 2007, 2008
    Stephen Ro, from Queen's University, T2K 2010

  • - all became graduate students at the University of Toronto