The people in physics around me -




John Lai, PhD student 1/2017-

David Wandler, PhD student 2019-

Andrew Cox, PhD student 1/2020-

...and then:


Adam Peterson, 2016-2018 , PhD Minnesota 2016, staff at LBL

Mohamed Anber, 2010-2014, PhD U. Mass Amherst 2010; Assistant Prof., Durham University, UK

Yanwen Shang, 2006-2009, PhD NYU 2006, postdoc at Perimeter Institute; finance, Citigroup, NY

Andrew Blechman, 2006-2009, w/ M. Luke, PhD Johns Hopkins 2006, postdoc, Wayne State U.; teacher, MI

Siew-Phang Ng, 2006-2008, PhD Maryland 2004, finance, UBS, Singapore

Joel Giedt, 2002-2005, PhD Berkeley 2002, Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Eduardo Ponton, 2000-2001, PhD Maryland 2000, Assistant Prof., Columbia U.; Prof., ICTP, Sao Paulo; deceased 2019

Bogdan Dobrescu, 2000-2001, PhD Boston U. 1998, Senior Staff Member, Theory Group, Fermilab


Paul Wang, Senior Undergraduate Thesis 2022-2023, grad student at Toronto

Dave Bhullar, Undergraduate summer research 2022, grad student at Toronto

Mathew Bub, Undergraduate summer research 2020, now grad student at Caltech

Andrew Cox, Undergraduate summer research 2019

Sam Wong, Undergraduate research 2019/2020, now grad student at Stanford

Jared Barron, Undergraduate summer research 2018

Peter Bedford, Undergraduate summer research 2018

Erfan Shalchian, PhD student 2010-2019

Peter Bedford, Undergraduate summer research 2017

Shayne Gryba, Undergraduate summer research 2017

Vito Pellizzani, Visiting MSc student (EPFL), 2016-2017

Kyle Wamer, Undergraduate Thesis 2015-16; USRA 2016, now grad student at UBC

Brett Teeple, PhD student 2011-2015, teaching

Johathan Braden, PhD student 2014 (formerly L. Kofman’s, joint with J.R. Bond), now PDF at Imperial

Scott Collier, Undergraduate summer research 2013, now a grad student at Harvard

Seth Strimas-Mackey, Undergraduate summer research 2013, now a grad student at Cornell

Marat Mufteev, Undergraduate summer research, 2012, now a grad student at Toronto

Scott Collier, Undergraduate summer research, 2012

Alex Forcier, MSc 2011 (jointly with C. Dyer), left the field

Santiago De Lope Amigo, MSc 2006, PhD 2010, Sr. Analyst at Royal Bank of Canada

Siavash Golkar, MSc/PdD student 2007-2009, Ph.D. U. of Washington, now postdoc at NYU

Nan Yang, Senior Undergraduate Thesis, 2006-7, Ph. D. Harvard

Behi Fatholazadeh, MSc 2003, PhD student 2003-present, switched to experiment

Jay Sheldon, 2001-2002, MSc., left the field

James McGuire, 2000-2001, Senior Undergraduate Thesis, left the field

Jeffrey Satinover, 2000-2001, Senior Undergraduate Thesis; now (as always) MD with private practice and

research scientist (complex systems) at the ETH, Zurich

For prospective students:

Some very sound advice for prospective students is found here.

To reiterate: learn more about the field!

This means: talk to people already in it, read books, read the particle physics blogs (e.g.,

Of Particular Significance, Resonaances, Quantum Diaries Survivor), as well as the

string-theory ones (to get an idea of the variety of opinions, be sure to check out

both the most notable “for ” (appears not accessible anymore)  and “against”- ones, but don’t

forget that to make up your own mind it is best to study a subject first).

Finally, see some interesting statistics on high-energy theory faculty jobs from 1994-2017.