An ICAM/UCOP Symposium

Frontiers in Correlated Matter II:

Designing Emergent Matter: A Fresh Start?

Snowmass, Colorado, June 22-25, 2006

The purpose of this Symposium is to bring together great materials people with leading band theorists, theoretical chemists, and correlated electron theorists to discuss the reasons behind our few successes and many failures to predict or design new materials with desired emergent properties, be these correlated electron superconductors or new classes of magnetic and ferroelectric materials.

The Symposium will begin with a welcome dinner on Thursday night, June 22, and conclude with a roundtable discussion that will end at 12:30 pm on Sunday, June 25. The Program is now finalised, and a list of proposed questions to be addressed can be found here .

Participation by junior members of the scientific community is strongly encouraged. We have set aside 16-20 places for junior participants-graduate students, postdocs, junior faculty members-from US institutions, and can offer substantial travel and living expense support to those willing to share a room. Moreover, junior participants coming from ICAM branches abroad may apply for an I2CAM travel grant - go to the i2cam web site to apply.

Invited participants

E. Abrahams, Rutgers
Jim Allen, Michigan
O.K. Anderson, Stuttgart
P. Attfield, Edinburgh
D. Basov, UCSD
K. Burch, LANL
D.L. Cox, UC Davis
J. Denlinger, LLBL
M. Di Ventra, UCSD
Z. Fisk, UC Davis
R. Goodrich, LSU/NSF
Martin Greven, Stanford
J. Haase, Leipzig
S. Julian, Toronto
G.G. Lonzarich, Cambridge

A.P. Mackenzie, St. Andrews
D. Mandrus, ORNL
P. Monthoux, Edinburgh
S. Nakatsuji, Kyoto
Mike Norman, ANL
Hans-Rudi Ott, ETH Zurich
David Pines, ICAM/LANL
J. Sarrao, LANL
Sergey Savrasov, UCSD
George Sawatzky, UBC
David Singh, NRL
Frank Steglich, Dresden
L. Taillefer, Sherbrooke
Joe Thompson, LANL
K.Ueda, Tokyo
M. Vojta, Karlsruhe

Organising committee

Zachary Fisk, UCSD
Stephen Julian, UofT
David Pines, ICAM