My group uses atoms and molecules to develop new tools for precision measurements. Our current research projects involve optical atomic clocks and molecular ion spectroscopy.


  1. A compact external-cavity diode laser, using feedback from an optical fiber, Rev. Sci. Instr. (2017)
  2. Collisional frequency shift of a trapped-ion optical clock, Phys. Rev. A (2017)
  3. Broadband low-noise photodetector for Pound-Drever-Hall laser stabilization, Rev. Sci. Instr. (2016)
  4. Optical frequency standards for gravitational wave detection using satellite Doppler velocimetry, New. J. Phys. (2015)


Code and hardware designs developed in my group are freely available at


I teach the following courses at UofT.


MP 033 (lab), MP 1121 (office)
Department of Physics
University of Toronto
60 St. George Street
Toronto ON M5S 1A7, Canada

Phone: +1 416 946 8503
Email: amar.vutha Ͽ

'MP' is the McLennan Physics building, located in UofT's downtown campus.



  • Nishant Bhatt
  • Dr. Shreyas Potnis
  • Mohit Verma
  • Hiromitsu Sawaoka
  • Mike Yao
  • Frederick Boyd

Get in touch if you are interested in working in my group. We have openings for graduate students and postdocs.

May 2017: Graham, Vivian, Jenny, Stefan, Reynold, Shreyas, Hiro, Nishant