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PHY424/426/428/429 (A&S) and PHY327/427/428/429 (EngSci)


The first session for the Fall semester is on Monday, September 12, in Section 2, and on Tuesday, September 13, in section 1, at 9:00 am. This applies to both Engineering Science and Arts and Science students. It is strongly recommended that you read the Course Outline before this first session. Also look at the Preference Sheet that must be submitted by 4pm same day. Paper copies of the Outline and the Preference Form will be available in MP251 by noon on Friday, Sep 9.

Students who have previously taken a semester in the Advanced Physics Lab, e.g. most PHY 426/427/428/429F students, can just go to MP251 to pick up an Advanced Lab Draft Course Outline and Experiment Preference Form anytime after noon on Friday, Sep 9. (Please also fill out an attendance sheet in the Red Binder.)

Preference Forms must be returned to the Lab Coordinator in room MP 251 by 4pm on the day of your first session: Monday, Sep 12, or Tuesday, Sep 13.

PHY426/427/428/429F students are also encouraged to talk to the Lab Coordinator about possibly doing Special projects for some or all of their labs.

Because we have a very large enrolment in Section 1 this semester, we may need to assign two students to an experiment. If there is another student you would like to work with on one experiment, please note this on your preference sheet.

The goal of the Advanced Physics Laboratory is for students to learn more about how to measure and model physical systems, and communicate that knowledge. Students have the opportunity to work on interesting challenging experiments, deepen their understanding of the underlying Physics, and to further develop laboratory, analysis, and communication skills.

Our main office is MP251 in the North Wing of McLennan Physical Labs, phone: 416-978-8803.

There are two lab sections with classes scheduled to different days: Monday and Thursday 9-12 in the Section 2, and Tuesday 9-12 and Friday 10-13 in the Section 1.   The laboratories are open Monday through Friday 9:00-4:50pm, because many experiments demand tuning equipment and making measurements that cannot be accomplished within one 3-hour lab session. If students wish to work on experiments outside the official lab sessions, it is permitted during times that are not scheduled for the other lab section.

Safety is very important to everyone involved in the Advanced Physics Labs.   Students must be familiar with the safety information in the Course Outline, and the safety information provided for their experiments.   Students should also be familiar with the Health and Safety Web Site of the Physics Department.   In particular, there is important information on Emergency Responses, Hazards you may encounter in this course, and Safety Training.   Before starting any experiment, please read the provided handout carefully, discuss any potential safety issues with the supervising professor, and use any necessary safety equipment.

If you have any questions, or notice any mistakes or out-dated website material, please contact the Lab Coordinator: Natalia Krasnopolskaia.

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Last updated on 8 September 2016