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PHY424/426/428/429 (A&S) and PHY327/427/428/429 (EngSci)


Felicia Kolonjari will hold a seminar and discussion 9:45-10:45 am on Friday 7 November in room MP222 on how to write the best possible Advanced Physics Lab Formal Report. All Advanced Physics Lab students are welcome. Felicia is the very experienced TA who marks the Advanced Physics Lab Formal Reports, so she can provide much useful guidance and answer any questions you might have about writing an excellent Formal Report.

The first draft of your Formal Report is due on Thursday 13 November. Late drafts will not be accepted. Please read the Formal Report guidelines for more information.

The goals of the Advanced Physics Laboratory are to give students an opportunity to work on interesting challenging experiments, deepen their understanding of the underlying Physics, and to further develop laboratory, analysis, and communication skills.

Our main office is MP251 in the North Wing of McLennan Physical Labs, phone: 416-978-8803.

The official lab sessions during the spring and fall semesters are Tuesdays 9:10-noon and Fridays 10:10-1:00pm.   The laboratories are also open Monday through Friday 9:10-4:50pm, if students wish to also also on experiments outside the official lab sessions.

Safety is very important to everyone involved in the Advanced Physics Labs.  Here is a link to the Health and Safety Web Site of the Physics Department, which every student should be familiar with.   In particular, there is important information on Emergency Responses, Hazards you may encounter in this course, and Safety Training.

If you have any questions, or notice any mistakes or out-dated website material, please contact the Lab Coordinator: David Bailey.

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