Steinberg group: General references


How to Count One Photon and Get a Result of 8, invited lecture at the Technion, 2016

Weak measurement, uncertainty relationships, and tradeoffs in experim ental quantum measurements, slides and video of a presentation given at the celebration of Yakir Aharonov's 80th birthday at Chapman university, August 2012 .

God's Dice: From Einstein to the Internet is a talk I gave for the PASU and Engineering Science students on Nov 24, 2009, updated from an earlier talk at the Ontario Science Centre in celebration of the Einsteinjahr. It goes from wave-particle duality and the Bohr-Einstein debates through the EPR Paradox and Bell's Inequalities to a layman's introduction to quantum cryptography, computation, and teleportation.

A recent overview of our work on controlling and measuring atoms and photons

Manipulating and Measuring the Quantum State of Photons and Atoms, invited talk at QUEST workshop 2005.

Le photon dans tous ses états, séminaire du Collège de France, mai 2004.

Recent experiments on weak measurement and quantum state construction, Quantum Theory seminar, Tel-Aviv University, April 2004.

Series of lectures on Experimental Issues in Quantum Measurement, Vienna, Fall 2003.

Amplification of Superluminality,presentation at ITP Mini-Workshop on Quantum Optics (2002) by A.M. Steinberg.


Shutting a new door on locality, A.M. Steinberg, Physics Today DOI:10.1063/PT.5.9076 (2016)

Babar et les variables cachées, Abner Shimony and translation by AMS.

A double-slit 'which-way' experiment addressing the complementarity-uncertainty debate, R. Mir, J.S. Lundeen, M.W. Mitchell, A.M. Steinberg, H.M. Wiseman, and J.L. Garretson, New J. Phys. 9 (2007) 287

Clear message for causality, A.M. Steinberg, Physics World (Dec. 2003).

Speakable and Unspeakable, Past and Future, A.M. Steinberg, in SCIENCE AND ULTIMATE REALITY: Quantum Theory, Cosmology and Complexity, ed. John D. Barrow, Paul C.W. Davies, and Charles L. Harper, Jr., Cambridge University Press, 2003.

Experimental issues in quantum-mechanical time measurement, A.M. Steinberg, in Time in Quantum Mechanics, edited by J.G. Muga et al. (Springer-Verlag, 2002), pp. 305-325

No thing goes faster than light, A.M. Steinberg, Physics World 13, 21 (2000).

Nanokelvin of the North, S.H. Myrskog, J.K. Fox, and A.M. Steinberg, Physics in Canada 55, 149 (7-8/99).

On energy transfer by detection of a tunneling atom, A. M. Steinberg, Journal of the Korean Physical Society 35 (3), 122 (1999).

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`` Can a falling tree make a noise in two forests at the same time?'', A. M. Steinberg, in Causality and Locality in Modern Physics, S. Jeffers, G. Hunter, and J.-P. Vigier, eds., Kluwer Academic Publishers (Dordrecht: 1997), p. 431.

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