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NOTICE: This webpage and associated files is provided for reference only.  This is not a kit site!  It is a collection of my work here at the University of Toronto in the Physics department. If you are considering using any schematics, designs, or anything else from here then be warned that you had better know something of what you are about to do.  No design is guaranteed in any way, including workable schematic, board layout, HDL code, embedded software, user software, component selection, documentation, webpages, or anything.

All that said, if it says here it works then for me it worked. To make the project work may have involved undocumented additions, changes, deletions, tweaks, tunings, alterations, modifications, adjustments, waving of a wand while wearing a pointy black hat, appeals to electron deities and just plain doing whatever it takes to make the project work.

Miscellaneous Files, Schematics and Projects

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Lab door interlock Sept'06, for Marjoribanks lab.  An off-the-shelf keypad lock with modifications.  Must punch passcode before opening door or laser will be shut off.

Uni-Blitz Shutter Driver Aug'06, for Shannon in Aephraim's lab.  A shutter driver with TTL input and high voltage starting - because Unibllitz makes nice shutters the drivers are way too expensive.

Hex Inverter March'06, for Joseph's lab.  Hex optical isolator, power supply and OCXO with distribution amps, for use on the DDS modules. Sections can be cut off and used as required.   Schematic here (pdf).

Needham's EPROM Programmer for the Varian Multi-gauge   June '05, Jesse Dean for Robin.  A zipped file on how to program an EPROM for the Varian Multi-Gauge and one not-quite-antique program.

MOT Bias Field Coils   May '05, Jan Henneberger for Aephraim Steinberg's lab.  A single field coil controller for the MOT bias filed coils.  Single supply with two high power opamps in H-bridge configuration, biased for ±5V input giving ±2.1A output.  All files (zipped): Schematic (Eagle) or as an gif or jpeg image for the Eagless among you, simulation (5Spice), schematic and its analysis file.

Over-Temperature Warning Device (Eagle schematic)  Nov '04, Chris Ellenor & Mirko Siercke for Aephraim Steinberg's lab.  Schematic is also available as a BMP image.  Two thermisters monitor key points on the water cooled MOT coils on the BEC experiment and sound an annoying alarm if either point gets too hot.  Range of 10° to 40°.

Bias Field Ramp (HTML)  Sept'04, Mirco Stiercke for Aephraim.  Another integrator. In integrate mode, slope control input sets slope of output.  In track mode, output is inverse of control input.

Top Trap Asymmetry (HTML) Sept'04, Mirco Siercke for Aephraim.  An AF variable gain amplifier with analog control.

20KHz Clock (Eagle schematic) Aug'04, Aephraim.  Simple 20KHz gated clock.

Kigre 883 Laser Controller High Voltage Monitor (Eagle schematic) June '04, Robin.  Buffer to allow computer ADC card to monitor HV supply for flash tube.

Differential Amplifier for Balance Detection (JPEG) April '04, Seth Aubin for Joseph, part of BEC.  Schematic and scope pictures of source balancing through rubidium reference cell.

TOP Coil Modulation Envelope, Slope Generator  April '04, Chris Ellanor and Mirco Siercke for Aephraim. Circuit to generate a controlled slew rate of TOP coil modulation envelope.

AOM Driver (Zip file) '03, Seth Aubin and Marcius for Joseph.  From lab books, circuit used for modulating AOMs.

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