David Bailey - Opportunities for Students

If you are looking for summer research opportunities, your first stop should be our Summer travel, employment and research opportunities page. If you are interesting in working on any of the following projects, please contact me at dbailey@physics.utoronto.ca to find out if I have any openings.

An important prerequisite is that you enjoy doing hands-on experiments and connecting physics to the real world through data. For these projects, undergraduate students will be enrolled in either a Physics Supervised Study or Research course, an Advanced Physics Lab course, or an Engineering Science thesis. Students may have a better experience and be more productive if they are not working alone, so if you and a friend are both interested in a project, feel free to apply together.

If you are a high school student, please look at my High School Students section below.

Scientific Uncertainty

Real Uncertainties

Exotic Physics

Energy Non-conservation

Undergraduate Lab Projects

Possible undergraduate projects depend on my current interests and what equipment we have available. Many examples are listed as Advanced Physics Lab Special Projects, and other possibilities include:

Current Experiment Development

Computational Analysis and Modelling

Blue Sky Projects

Physics Education

High School Students

Last updated on 26 July 2017