Qinya Liu
Associate Professor (J. Tuzo Wilson Professor in Geophysics)
Department of Physics & Department of Earth Sciences
University of Toronto


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2018 Joubin-James Lectures and short courses


Research Interests (primarily in Seismology)
  1. Numerical simulations of 3-D seismic wave propagation in heterogeneous medium based upon the spectral-element method (SEM).
  2. Moment-tensor and finite-fault inversions using 3-D Green's functions for regional and global earthquakes.
  3. Tomographic inversions based upon 3D initial models and 3D sensitivity kernels for frequency-dependent measurements at both the global and regional scales (i.e., adjoint tomography or full-waveform inversion).
  4. Adjoint tomography of multi-component ambient noise-correlation data.
  5. High-resolution seismic imaging of scattered waves based on adjoint method.
  6. Nonlinear inversion/optimization methods; model resolution analysis.
  7. Whole-mantle tomography based on kernel databases computed for 1D reference models.
  8. Microseismics and induced seismicity: event detection, source localization, mechanism inversions.


 Jun 2007 -- Aug 2008: Green Scholar (Postdoc), Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego
 Jun 2006 -- May 2007: Assistant Scientist, Seismological Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
 July 2000 -- May 2006: Ph. D. in Geophysics, California Institute of Technology
   Advisor: Jeroen Tromp
   Thesis : Spectral-element Simulations of 3D Seismic Wave Propagation
                and Applications to Source and Structural Inversions
 July 1995 -- Jun 2000: B.S. in Geophysics, Department of Earth and Space Sciences and Department of SCGY, University of Science and Technology of China, China


Current* and former group members

M.Sc. students: Mostafa Khorshidi (2018-)*, Na Wang (2015), Lin Zheng (2013), Mehdi (Sherveen) Ghofrani Tabar (2009)
Ph.D. students: Tianshi Liu (2018-)*, Xin Song (2013-2019), Chuangxin Lin (2013-2019)
Postdocs: Kai Wang (2018-)*, Piero Basini (2012-2014), Ping Tong (2012-2014)
Undergraduates (thesis): Jia Yoong Chong (2019), Yiru Zhou (2018, now at UofA), Qi Zhao (2012, now postdoc at Berkeley), Alex Bing (2010)
Visiting students: Liang Ding*(2018-), Shan Wu (2018), Chao Zhang (2016, now at Hohai), Changyi Yu (2016, now at TPEI), Qiang Zhang (2014-2016, now at IWHR), Felix Halpaap (2015), Jiupeng Hu (2015), Xueyuan Huang (2014, now at BTBU), Yunfeng Chen (2014)
Visiting scholars: Majid Bagheri*, Farzam Yamini Fard (2018), Langping Zhang (IES, CEA), Biao Guo (IG, CEA), Xueting Zhang (2013, HDU), Weifeng Yang (2013, CUMT), Shu-Huei Hung (all the time)