Qinya Liu
Professor of Geophysics
Department of Physics & Department of Earth Sciences
University of Toronto


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UofT Teaching
JPE 395 Physics of the Earth (Winter, 2015-2018, 2020-): undergrad course in A&S Calendar

JPE493/JPE1493 Seismology (Fall, 2013-2017, 2020-): undergrad course in A&S Calendar and grad course by Physics

Phy408h Time Series Analysis (2012-2013): undergrad course

PHY495h Geophysical Research Methods (2012-2013): discontinued undergrad course

Phy2603h Inverse Theory (Fall, 2013-2017, 2019-): grad course in Physics (offered in alt years from JPE2605)

JPE2605h: Advanced Seismology (Winter, 2020-): grad course in ES

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Geophysics specialty courses for Undergrad:
  • JPE395: Physics of the Earth
  • JGA305H1F: Env. and Archael. Geophysics
  • JPE493/1493: Seismology
  • ESS445/ESS1445F: Global Tectonics
  • ESS450H1S: Geophysical Field Techniques
  • ESS452/JPE1452: Geophysical Imaging with Non-seismic Methods

  • ERS303H5 (UTM): Geophysics
  • ERS403H5 (UTM): Earthquake seismology

  • EESB26 (UTSC): Introduction to Global Geophysics
  • EESC26H3 (UTSC): Seismology and Seismic Methods
  • PHYD26 (UTSC): Planetary Geophysics
  • New Environmental Geophysics Course (UTSC)

Earth Sciences Programs

Geophysics specialty courses for graduate students:
  • JPE493/JPE1493H: Seismology
  • ESS452/JPE1452: Geophysical Imaging - Non-seismic Methods
  • ESS445/ESS1445F: Global Tectonics
  • PHY2603F: Inverse Theory (offered 2019/2020)
  • JPE2605S: Advanced Seismology (offered in the spring 2020/21)
  • PHY2609H/PHYD26(UTSC): Planetary Physics (offered 2021/2022)

Other relevant grad courses:

Earth Sciences Grad Course requirements:
  • M.Sc. (doctoral-stream): ESS1101H Seminar (0.5 FCE), ESS3601Y Research Project (1.0), ESS3603Y Research Presentation (1.0), One breadth course (0.5), 0.5 Elective (recommended: JPE1493 Seismology, PHY2603H Inverse Theory or JPE2605 Advance Seismology)
  • Ph.D. (from M.Sc. doctral-stream): One breath course (1.0), 0.5 elective (recommended: PHY2603H Inverse Theory or JPE2605H Advanced seismology).
  • Ph.D. (directly entry or external M.Sc.): ESS1101H, One breath course, 0.5 elective.

Physics Grad Degree Programs Course requirements:
  • Confirm a supervisor by Jan; Resaerch Grades before May.
  • (most students choose M.Sc. II) M.Sc.I: 3 full courses + M.Sc. report (option I); M.Sc. II: 2 full courses + M.Sc. Research Project (option II): written report of Research project PHY3400Y + 6000 research course (graded by advisor) + Oral presentation/defence of research project 7000 seminar course); M.Sc. III (two years):2 full courses + M.Sc. research thesis (THS9999Y, option III)

Graduate Admission Information
  • Department of Earth Sciences: CV; A one-page personal statement (The statement should indicate your reasons for wishing to do graduate work in the field you have chosen, including a discussion of your motivations, objectives and career goals. The font size should be no smaller than 12 point); A one-page research statement (The research statement should be a statement of research interest or a proposed plan of study. In your statement, indicate potential advisors whom you have contacted and have expressed interest. You are advised to review your research statement with the faculty member who has expressed interest in supervising you.The font size should be no smaller than 12 point; Recommended to include citations and references)