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Selected Publications

  1. 1.Dynamic absorption and scattering of water and hydrogel during high-repetition-rate (>100 MHz) burst-mode ultrafast-pulse laser ablation, Zuoming Qian, Andrés Covarrubias, Alexander W. Grindal, Margarete K. Akens,  Lothar Lilge,  and Robin S. Marjoribanks

  2. Biomedical Optics Express Vol. 7, pp. 2331–2341, DOI:10.1364/BOE.7.002331 (2016) download PDF

  3. 2.Energy-partition diagnostic for measuring time-resolved scattering and absorption in burst-mode laser ablation, Z. Qian, J.E. Schoenly, A. Covarrubias, L. Lilge and R.S. Marjoribanks

  4. Review of Scientific Instruments 85, 033101 (2014) download PDF

  5. 3.Ultrafast-Laser Interactions with 3D Viable Cell Cultures as a Model for Soft Biological Tissues, Zuoming Qian, Aghapi Mordovanakis, Joshua E. Schoenly, Andrés Covarrubias, Yuanfeng Feng, Lothar Lilge and Robin S. Marjoribanks

  6. Biomedical Optics Express Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 208-222, DOI:10.1364/BOE.5.000208 (2014) (published online Dec 13, 2013) download PDF

  7. 4.Relativistic electron mirrors from nanoscale foils for coherent frequency upshift to the extreme ultraviolet, D. Kiefer, M. Yeung, T. Dzelzainis, P.S. Foster, S.G. Rykovanov, C.L.S. Lewis, R.S. Marjoribanks, H. Ruhl, D. Habs, J. Schreiber, M. Zepf & B. Dromey

  8. Nature Commun. (2013) DOI: 10.1038/ncomms2775 download PDF

  9. 5.Investigation of laser-driven proton acceleration using ultra-short, ultra-intense laser pulses, S. Fourmaux, S. Buffechoux, B. Albertazzi, D. Capelli, A. Lévy, S. Gnedyuk, L. Lecherbourg, P. Lassonde, S. Payeur, P. Antici, H. Pépin, R. S. Marjoribanks, J. Fuchs, and J. C. Kieffer

  10. Phys. Plasmas 20, 013110 (2013) download PDF

  11. 6.Ablation and thermal effects in treatment of hard and soft materials and biotissues using ultrafast-laser pulse-train bursts R.S. Marjoribanks, C.Dille, J.E. Schoenly, L. McKinney, A.G. Mordovanakis, P. Kaifosh, P. Forrester, Z. Qian, A. Covarrubias, Y. Feng, L. Lilge

  12. Photonics and Lasers in Medicine, 3, 2012, pp. 155–169. DOI: 10.1515/plm-2012-0020 (2012) download PDF

  13. Awarded 2014 Pater Leander Fischer Prize of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Lasermedizin (German Society for Laser Medicine)

  14. 7.Laser-based proton acceleration on ultrathin foil with a 100-TW-class high intensity laser system S. Fourmaux. S. Buffechoux, S. Gnedyuk, B. Albertazzi, D. Capelli, L. Lecherbourg, A. Lévy, P. Audebert, D. Houde, R. Marjoribanks, F. Martin, H. Pépin, J. Fuchs, J. C. Kieffer,

  15. Proc. SPIE Vol. 8007 (Raman Kashyap, Michel Têtu, Rafael N. Kleiman, Eds.) (2011)  ISBN: 9780819485816 download PDF

  16. 8.Electron Vacuum Acceleration in a Regime Beyond Brunel Absorption, J.-P. Geindre, R.S. Marjoribanks, and P. Audebert
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 104 / 135001 (2010)
    download PDF

  17. 9.Ultrafast-Laser Interactions with Soft Biological Tissues – a Study with Viable 3-D Hydrogel Cell Cultures A. G. Mordovanakis, Z. Qian, A. Covarrubias, Y. Feng, L. Lilge and R.S. Marjoribanks,

  18. CLEO/IQEC/PhAST 2011 Technical Digest (OSA, Washington, DC, 2011) download PDF

  19. 10.Laser-based proton acceleration experiments at the ALLS facility using a 200 TW high intensity laser system, S. Fourmaux, S. Buffechoux, B. Albertazzi, S. Gnedyuk, L. Lecherbourg, S. Payeur, P. Audebert, D. Houde, R. Marjoribanks, F. Martin, H. Pépin, J. Fuchs and J. C. Kieffer,

  20. Proc. SPIE Vol. 7750 (Henry P. Schriemer; Rafael N. Kleiman, Eds.) (2010)  ISBN: 9780819482419 download PDF

  21. 11.PATENT:

  22. Burst-Ultrafast Laser Machining Method, P.R. Herman, R.S. Marjoribanks, A. Oettl,

  23. Patent No.:  CA 2332154 (issued: 2009.09.15) download PDF

  24. 12.The effects of degraded spatial coherence on ultrafast-laser channel etching, Jesse Dean, Martin Bercx, Felix Frank, Rodger Evans, Santiago, Camacho-López, Marc Nantel and Robin Marjoribanks
    OPTICS EXPRESS 16 No. 18 /  13606 (2008)
    download PDF

  25. 13.Plasma Mirrors for Ultrahigh-Intensity Optics, C. Thaury, F. Quéré, J.-P. Geindre, A. Levy, T. Ceccotti, P. Monot, M. Bougeard, F. Réau, P. d'Oliveira, R. Marjoribanks and Ph. Martin
    Nature Physics 3, pp. 424-429 10.1038/nphys595 (2007)
    download PDF

  26. 14.Transverse coherence measurement using a folded Michelson interferometer, Jesse Dean, Martin Bercx, Marc Nantel, and Robin Marjoribanks
    J. Opt. Soc. Am. A, 24, (2007)
    download PDF

  27. 15.Relativistic AC Gyromagnetic Effects in Ultraintense Laser-Matter Interaction, J. P. Geindre, P. Audebert, and R. S. Marjoribanks
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 085001 (2006)
    download PDF

  28. 16.Towards ultrahigh-contrast ultraintense laser pulses-complete characterization of a double plasma-mirror pulse cleaner, T. Wittmann, J. P. Geindre and P. Audebert, R. S. Marjoribanks, J. P. Rousseau, F. Burgy, D. Douillet, T. Lefrou, K. Ta Phuoc, and J. P. Chambaret
    Rev. Sci. Instrum. 77, 083109 (2006)
    download PDF

  29. 17.Ultrafast laser pulsetrain burst processing of glasses for damage mitigation, L. McKinney, J. Dean, P. Forrester, M. Nantel, R. Marjoribanks
    Physics in Canada (July/August), (2006)
    download PDF

  30. 18.Effects of heat transfer and energy absorption in the ablation of biological tissues by pulsetrain-burst (>100 MHz) ultrafast laser processing, Paul Forrester, Kieran Bol, Lothar Lilge, and Robin Marjoribanks
    Proc. of SPIE Vol. 6343, 63430J, (2006)
    download PDF

  31. 19.Optical coherence and beamspread in ultrafast-laser pulsetrain-burst hole drilling, Jesse Dean, Paul Forrester, Martin Bercx, David Graper, Luke McKinney, Felix Frank, Marc Nantel, Robin Marjoribanks
    Proc. of SPIE Vol. 6343, 63432A, (2006)
    download PDF

  32. 20.Mitigating Intrinsic Defects and Laser Damage using Pulsetrain-burst (>100 MHz) Ultrafast Laser Processing, Luke McKinney, Felix Frank, David Graper, Jesse Dean, Paul Forrester, Maxence Rioblanc, Marc Nantel, and Robin Marjoribanks
    Proc. of SPIE Vol. 5970, 59701L, (2005)
    download PDF

  33. 21.Thomson scattering measurements of heat flow in a laser-produced plasma, J. Hawreliak, D. M. Chambers, S. H. Glenzer, A. Gouveia, R. J. Kingham, R. S. Marjoribanks, P. A. Pinto, O. Renner, P. Soundhauss, S. Topping, E. Wolfrum, P. E. Young and J. S. Wark
    J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 37, 1541­1551 (2004)
    download PDF

  34. 22.PATENT:
    Burst-Ultrafast Laser Machining,
    P.R. Herman, R.S. Marjoribanks, A. Oettl
    US Patent US 6,552,301 B2, (22 April 2003)

  35. 23.Ion plasma waves induced by frustrated Debye shielding, R. P. Drake, R. S. Marjoribanks
    Physics of Plasmas, 9, pp. 267-274 (2002)
    download PDF

  36. 24.K-shell spectroscopy of an independently diagnosed uniaxially expanding laser-produced aluminum plasma, D. M. Chambers, P. A. Pinto, J. Hawreliak, I. R. Al'Miev, A. Gouveia, P. Sondhauss, E. Wolfrum, and J. S. Wark, S. H. Glenzer, R. W. Lee, and P. E. Young, O. Renner, R. S. Marjoribanks, S. Topping
    Phys. Rev. E 66, 026410 (2002)
    download PDF

  37. 25.Characteristics of pulsetrain-burst machining, Evans, R.T., Camacho-Lopez, S. and Marjoribanks, R.S.

  38. IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science (Cat. No.02CH37340), IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, USA, p. 111 (2002)

  39. 26.Detailed hydrodynamic and X-ray spectroscopic analysis of a laser-produced rapidly-expanding aluminium plasma, D.M. Chambers, S.H. Glenzer, J. Hawreliak, E. Wolfrum, A. Gouveia, R.W. Lee, R.S. Marjoribanks, O. Renner, P. Sondhauss, S. Topping, P.E. Young, P.A. Pinto, J.S. Wark
    Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer 71 , pp. 237­247 (2001)
    download PDF

  40. 27.A Thomson scattering post-processor for the MEDUSA hydrocode, J. Hawreliak, D. Chambers, S. Glenzer, R.S. Marjoribanks, M. Notley, P. Pinto, O. Renner, P. Sondhauss, R. Steele, S. Topping, E. Wolfrum, P. Young, J.S. Wark

  41. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer 71 , pp. 383­395 (2001) download PDF

  42. 28.Intense Picosecond X-rays from Laser Plasmas by Use of Nanostructured 'Velvet' Targets, G. Kulcsar, D. AlMawlawi, F. W. Budnik, P. R. Herman, M. Moskovits, L. Zhao, and R. S. Marjoribanks
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 84, 5149 (2000)
    download PDF

  43. 29.Laser Shaping of Photonic Materials: Deep-ultraviolet and Ultrafast Lasers, P. R. Herman, R. S. Marjoribanks, A. Oettl, K. Chen, I. Konovalov, and S. Ness
    Appl. Surface Sci. 154, 577 (2000)
    download PDF

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