LENS: Lenses

Classical lens optics is essential for the understanding and design of everything from Space Telescopes to photocopiers to iPhones. The experiment gives you some familiarity with concepts relevant to lenses in general, is a good introduction to chi-squared analysis, and is an introduction to chromatic and other lens aberrations.

Write-Up in PDF Format or Microsoft Word Format. Manual for the optional experiment Distortion of the second part of the lab.

(The experiment is currently located in MP250; last write-up revision: January 2015.)

Some MatLab code which may be useful in your analysis: datacrunch2.m , distortionLoader.m

Chi-Squared Distribution Tables in PDF Format.

To learn how nature can produce aberration-free lenses, see this article about Squid eyes.

Optics Video Tips

From Prof. Robin Marjoribanks

Photo of student working on experiment

3rd Year Engineering Science student, Sriram Kalyanasundaram working on one of the Lenses setups.