Erich Poppitz


Department of Physics

University of Toronto

60 St George Street

Toronto ON M5S 1A7 Canada


poppitz at physics utoronto ca

M.Sc., 1989, Moscow State University

M.A.,1992, Ph.D.,1994, Johns Hopkins University

Robert R. McCormick Fellow, 1994-97, University of Chicago

Postdoctoral Fellow, 1997-98, University of California, San Diego

Assistant Professor, 1999-2001, Yale University

Associate Professor w/out tenure, 2001-04, University of Toronto

Associate Professor, 2004-08, University of Toronto


Fall 2016:

Electromagnetic Theory (PHY350)

Winter 2017:

Thermal Physics (PHY252)

Quantum and Thermal Physics (2nd half, PHY294.2)

Older courses’ notes:

Advanced Classical Mechanics (PHY354)

Relativistic Electrodynamics (PHY450)

Graduate Fluid Mechanics (PHY1530)

Reading courses


I am interested in physics beyond the standard model. I also study the nonperturbative dynamics

of general quantum field theories, using a variety of tools, from supersymmetry, branes, and

dualities, to lattice field theory and Monte-Carlo simulations. My most recent publications:

“Emergent dimensions and braneworlds from large-N confinement”

with Aleksey Cherman, arxiv:1606:01902[hep-th]

“On the global structure of deformed Yang-Mills theory and QCD(adj) on R^3 x S^1”

with Mohamed Anber, arxiv:1508.00910[hep-th]

“The curious incident of multi-instantons and the necessity of Lefshetz thimbles”

with Alireza Behtash, Tin Sulejmanpasic, and Mithat Unsal, arxiv:1507.04063[hep-th]

A complete list from inSPIRE.


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