Talks I’ve given

(Since abandoning transparencies. Latest version of talks posted only.)


Theory seminars:

On the mixed 0-form/1-form anomaly: pouring the new wine into old bottles

given at Simons Center (video), Minneapolis, 2022

Confining strings "from flesh and blood"

given at Santa Barbara (video), 2022

The mixed 0-form/1-form anomaly in Hilbert space: pouring the new wine into old bottles

given at Simons Center (video), Serpukhov, Syracuse, 2021

Confinement on R^3xS^1 and double-string collapse

given at Minneapolis (video), 2021

New ‘t Hooft anomalies and the phases of gauge theories

given at “Newton1665” (online seminar, Florence), 2020; CAP Congress, 2021

Domain walls, anomalies, and deconfinement

given at Harvard (CMSA online seminar), 2020

Domain walls and deconfinement: a semiclassical picture of discrete anomaly inflow

given at Miami, 2019

Hot and cold domain walls and anomaly matching

given at Aspen, Trieste, Raleigh, 2019

Higher symmetry ‘t Hooft anomalies, phase structure, and domain walls

given at Minneapolis, Syracuse, Varna, Pisa, 2019

‘t Hooft anomalies, high-T, and low-T domain walls in adjoint fermion theories with (or without) supersymmetry

given at Princeton, Miami, 2018

Discrete anomaly matching and high-T “center vortices” in QCD(adj)

given at Maynooth, 2018

Discrete symmetries, ‘t Hooft anomalies and “adiabatic continuity”

given at Santa Fe, 2018

Confining strings, walls, and anomalies in (not only) circle-compactified gauge theories

given at Irvine, San Diego, 2018

Confinement and strings in circle-compactified gauge theories: “same and different”

given at New York, 2017

Emergent dimensions and branes from large-N confinement

given at Seattle, 2016; Varna, 2017

When instantons do “nothing”: the curious case of extended supersymmetry

given at Tokyo, 2016

The curious case of multi-instantons and the necessity of Lefshetz thimbles

given at St Petersburg, Melbourne, 2016

New aspects of abelian confinement

given at Minneapolis, 2016

Confining strings on R^3 x S^1

given at Minneapolis, Madrid, Yale, 2015

Resurgence in QFT?
given at Perimeter, 2014; KITP, 2015

Supersymmetry and neutral bions: hints about deconfinement?

given at Yaroslavl, 2012; Minneapolis, Paris, Heidelberg, Trieste 2013;

Syracuse, Seoul, Sofia, St Petersburg 2014

Electric-magnetic Coulomb gases, affine XY-spin models, and deconfinement

given at Purdue, Miami, SFSU, Seoul, Puri (India), 2011/2012

Holography, large-N volume independence, and continuity

given at College Park, 2010, INR Moscow, Pohang, 2012

Magnetic bions, multiple adjoints, and Seiberg-Witten theory

given at Minneapolis, Paris, Spring/Summer 2011

Lattice chirality: a mission (im)possible?

given at UCSD, Spring 2009, Maryland, Fall 2010

Monopoles, bions, and other oddballs in confinement or conformality

given in Toronto, Harvard, Argonne, Fermilab, Irvine, Odense, Santa Fe,

Brookhaven, Miami, 2010, Perimeter, Michigan, Davis, SLAC, Moorea, 2011

Confinement or conformality: (IR)relevance of topological excitations?

given in Boston Univ., Aspen (by M. Unsal), 2009/10

Circle compactifications: index, Chern-Simons terms, and chiral dynamics

given at INT Seattle, Durham (UK), Paris, 2009

Lattice chirality and the Eichten-Preskill dream

given at Sergiev Posad, Syracuse, Cornell, SLAC, Berkeley, Fall 2008

Flavor in supersymmetry with an enhanced R-symmetry

given in Minneapolis, Barcelona, Summer 2008

Latttice chirality and the decoupling of mirror fermions

given at CERN, Toronto, Minneapolis, Yale, Columbia, St Louis, Los Alamos,

Irvine, New York Univ., Boston Univ., Summer 2007/Spring 2008

Old and new in the lattice definition of chiral gauge theories

given at UC Davis, SLAC, Harvard, Fermilab, Toronto, Fall 2006

Chiral lattice gauge theories from warped domain walls

given at Santa Fe, Sofia, Minneapolis, Summer 2006

Recent developments in lattice supersymmetry

given at Rutgers, Princeton, Delaware, Trieste, Technion, Varna, 2005/2006

Lessons from supersymmetric quantum mechanics

given at MIT, Los Alamos, Arizona, 2004/05

Lattice supersymmetry, superfields, and renormalization

given at Minneapolis, Berkeley, UCLA, Boston U., Toronto, Santa Fe, 2004/5


Insightful supersymmetry

given at Perimeter, NCSU, Fall 2013, Sao Paulo 2014

Chirality, particle physics, and ``theory space”

given in Aspen, Spring 2010

Chirality, particle physics, and ``theory space”

given in Bern, Spring 2010

The wonders of supersymmetry: from quantum mechanics, topology, and noise, to (maybe) the LHC

given at Carleton University, 11/2005; Toronto,10/2007; Arizona, 1/2008;

York Univ., 3/2009; UCLA, 5/2009; Fermilab, 4/2010; SFSU, 4/2012

The Standard Model and physics below 10 TeV

given at ATLAS Canada Physics Workshop, Toronto, Spring 2007

What lies beyond?

given at Georgia Tech; York Univ., 2004/5

Lecture notes from theoretical physics schools:

“Center symmetry and anomaly matching”, 11th Odense (Denmark) Winter School, November 2018

Lecture notes  videos  part 1( this link) and part 2 (this link) 

“Confinement, Yang-Mills, and Super-Yang-Mills”, lecture notes pdf notes;

W.E. Heraues Summer School “Saalburg”, 22nd edition, Wolfersdorf, Thuringia, Germany, September 2016