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Nice example of a Physics research lab notebook: Azuma

Formal Report Guidelines

Formal Report Seminar Slides

Oral Exam Guidelines

Recommended Texts & Notes:

Data Analysis Books

Depending on which experiments you do, data analysis may be a large part of this course. Our standard data analysis reference is

A shorter and less deep introduction is

Useful Notes

Introductory Lecture Slides by Prof. David Bailey, 4 September 2020.

Introductory Meeting Slides by Prof. David Bailey, 6 September 2019.

Introductory Uncertainty Lecture Slides by Prof. David Bailey, 6 January 2015. PDF Format

Introductory Lecture Slides by Prof. Peter Krieger "Practical Introduction to Measurement Uncertainties in the Labs", 10 Sep 2013: PDF Format (1.76 MB file)

Notes from Professor Thywissen's Data Analysis Talk, 11 Sep 2007: PDF Format (3.7 MB file)

Error Analysis in Experimental Physical Science by Dr. David Harrison:

Simulated Data Analysis Assignment

Python for the Advanced Lab or go directly to some Python fitting examples.

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