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Advanced Physics Laboratory - Experiment List

Note: This list may include experiments not currently working and miss brand new experiments that are not yet generally available to students. The room numbers may also sometimes not be updated if an experiment has moved recently.


Code Experiment Name Students Room
AFM Atomic Force Microscope (under development) 1 248
AMI Applied Modern Interferometry (under development) 1 226
BRI Brillouin scattering 1 247
C3D Conductivity in less than three dimensions 2 245
CC Cloud Chamber 1 255
CMP Condensed Matter Physics 1 226
COMP Measurement of the Compton total cross section 2 245
ESR Electron spin resonance 1 226
FAR Faraday Waves 1 239
FE Ferroelectrics 1 239
FTIR Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (Under development) 1 242
FTS Fourier transform spectroscopy 1 244
FVF Fractal Viscous Fingering 1 239
GAUS Gaussian Beams 1 227
GE Gamma ray spectroscopy with a germanium detector 2 245
GRAN Granular Patterns 1 239
HALL Semiconductor resistance, band gap, and Hall effect 1 239
HENE The helium-neon laser 2 242
HEP High energy physics 3 239 or at home
HTCM High temperature superconductors (Make) 2 (pair) 239
HTCK High temperature superconductors (Kit) 1 239
KNOT Knots and topological transformations in vibrating chains 3 239
LAUE Laue back reflection of X-Rays 1 226
LENS Lenses 3 250
LPP Linear Pulse Propagation and Dispersion 1 246
LTC Magnetization & transition temperatures of superconductors (to be replaced) 1 226
MOS Mossbauer effect 1 239
MUON Muon lifetime (under development) 1 245
NEEL Phase change in chromium at the Neel temperature 1 239
NMR Nuclear magnetic resonance 1 239
OPMI Optical Microscopy 2 248
OPT Optical Tweezers 1 248
PXR Powder method of X-ray analysis 1 226
QIE Quantum Interference and Entanglement 2 (pair) 244
RAM Raman effect 1 248
RB Optical pumping of rubidium 1 242
RES Resistivity in Metals (Being replaced by new ArsCryo cryocooler system.) 0 226
SIL Silicon microstrip detector (under development) 1 226
SOL Solitons 1 245
SONO Sonoluminescence 1 246
SQM SQUID magnetometer 1 226
STM Scanning Tunneling Microscope (under development) 1 248
UFF Ultra Fast Fibre Laser (under development) 0 246
XRF X-ray fluorescence 1 245
SPEC Special Projects 0

The Professor and TA for each experiment can be found on the Experiments Assignment page on Quercus.

The Professor or TA for an experiment may change, locations may change, and experiments may be added or dropped during the year; check the website and quercus for the most up-to-date information.

Experiments with zero setups listed are currently unavailable because they are either under repair or not yet sufficiently developed for general use.

All rooms are on the second floor of the North Wing of McLennan Physical Labs. Here is a MAP of the second floor.

If you have suggested changes or improvements to the documentation for these experiments, please email the Course Coordinator. If the changes are significant and approved, new versions will be added here and you will be listed as a co-author.

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Last updated on 11 September 2022