Course Lecture Notes:

The complete set of course lecture notes is available here:

Lecture Notes for PHY2403F

Other references:

Quantum Field Theory by David Tong (Cambridge) - these lecture notes follow the same general lines as this course, but with different emphasis in places.  Highly recommended.

Andrew Blechman (formerly a postdoc in the particle theory group here) has written “A Mathematics Primer for Physics Graduate Students” - the first few chapters, in particular, deal with four-vectors, covariant vs. contravariant vectors, tensors, etc.

The first volume of Sidney Coleman’s QFT Lecture Notes from Harvard - handwritten by Brian Hill (scanned pdf files).  Part One  Part Two

Coleman’s notes have also been typeset and posted on the arXiv

The original videos from Coleman’s course (recorded in the mid-70’s) are available here.

Freeman Dyson’s 1951 QFT Lecture Notes

A short note by Michael Dine (UC Santa Cruz) on “Lorentz Invariance and the Lorentz Group”.

Marc Srednicki’s QFT text (currently available free on the web).

My lecture notes for Quantum Field Theory II are here (note that these are much less extensive than for QFT1, since at some point we smoothly transitioned to Peskin & Schroeder).