Fall 2018 Practicals

Welcome!  The Practicals are mandatory weekly 3-hour sessions in which you will get together in teams of four to work on hands-on activities, experimental measurements and error analysis and computer simulations.

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What you do in Practicals will be directly related to what is going on in class, and is designed to help you succeed on the tests and exam.  Practicals combine traditional aspects of both laboratories and tutorials.

All PHY151 Practicals are held in MP127. 


Jason Harlow, Practicals Coordinator. Office: MP328, Phone 416-978-6674
Daniel James, Course Professor.  Office: MP1014

April Seeley, Course Administrator. Office: MP129, Phone 416-946-0531

Lilian Fan, Pius Santiago, Practicals Technologists. Office: MP128, Phone 416-978-2961

There are nine Practicals sections with a maximum of 32 students per section:  

Section Time Group Code
TA1 (marks Practicals activities)
TA2 (marks problem sets)
Drop Box #
Ahmed Rayyan
Geremia Massarelli
P0101 T9am-12noon T9 Duncan Kirby Vincent MacKay
P0201 T1-4pm
Raymond Fan
Olinka Bedroya
P0401 W2-5pm W2 Thomas De Beer
Matt Smart
W5-8pm W5 Imran Alkhatib
Austin Lindquist AI
P0501 R9am-12noon R9 Milica Banic
Erik Lutsch AJ
P0601 R1-4pm R1
Henry Vu
Leo Uribe Castano
Li Ern Chern Lingyun He
Jared Barron
Fengyi Xie AM

If you have a conflict with your Practicals section and you wish to switch, please fill out the online Practical Section Change Form before Sep.14, and we will try to accommodate you.
Here is the Practicals Marking Rubric .
Here is the PHY151 Help Centre Schedule for Dec.4-11.

Practical Schedule (Subject to Change)

Practical #


Topics, Activities


Sep. 3-7


Sep. 10-14



Sep. 17-21

Practice Problem Set 1    -   Solutions
Practicals Activities: Uncertainty in Physical Measurements Module 1 - Python Version (all)  [note for future semesters: UM1 Act.3 should be re-written to reduce confusion.]
Mechanics Module 1, Activities 6, 12, 13 [
Activity 14 if you have time.]


Sep. 24-28

Practice Problem Set 2     -    Solutions
Practicals Activities: Mechanics Module 2, Activities 5, 7, 8 (and Activity 6 if you have time)
Relativity Module, Activities 15 and 3


Oct. 1-5

Practice Problem Set 3     -    Solutions
Split into pairs (or individual) for Practicals Activities: Freefall with Python3 Activities A and B, Questions 1-8 (and Activity 9 if you have time)  [Activity C is entirely optional, for the programming experts in the room.]

Oct. 9-15
(Note: Monday Practicals are one week behind the others from now on.)
Practice Problem Set 4  - Solutions
Practicals Activities: Uncertainty Module 2 (all) + Mechanics Module 2  Activity 14 only (and Activity 15 if you have time)
5 Oct. 16-22
Note: Midterm Monday Oct. 22 at 7:30pm
Practice Problem Set 5Solutions (please don't view until you have finished the Practical)
Split into pairs (or individual) for Practicals Activities: Projectile Motion with Air Resistance, Activities A and B, Questions 1-6 (Question 7 if you have time)


Oct. 23-29

Half-Way Through Semester - Scrambling Pod Assignments today!
Practice Problem Set 6   - Solutions
Practicals Activities: Mechanics Module 5, Activities 5-8 (Activity 9 if you have time)


Oct. 30 - Nov.12

Practice Problem Set 7     -   Solutions
Practicals Activities: Uncertainty Module 3, Mechanics Module 5 Activities 14, 15, 16, 17 (Activities 3 and 11 if you have time)

Nov. 5-9
NO PRACTICALS - Reading Week


Nov. 12-19

Practice Problem Set 8     -    Solutions
Practicals Activities: Mechanics Module 4, Activities 1 and 2 (Activities 3 and 4 if you have time)


Nov. 20-26

Chapter 10 Overview Video on Youtube (24 minutes)
Practice Problem Set 9      - Solutions
Practicals Activities: Mechanics Module 6 Activities 13, 6, 7 and 8 (Activity 9 if you have time.)


Nov. 27-Dec.3

Practical Evaluations Today
Practice Problem Set 10      - Solutions
Practicals Activities: Mechanics Module 3, Activity 17 (flying pig)
(If you have time: Mechanics Module 6, Activity 2)

Dec. 4 - 11
No Practicals
MP127 PHY151 Drop-In Centre:
 - Tue. Dec. 4  TBA
 - Wed. Dec. 5 TBA
 - Thu. Dec. 6  TBA
 - Fri. Dec. 7  TBA
 - Mon. Dec. 10  TBA
 - Tue. Dec. 11  TBA
Tue. Dec.11 7:00pm Final Exam