HeNe: The He-Ne Laser

This experiment explores the polarization, spatial and temporal coherence of the output of a He-Ne laser, as well as the basic conditions for laser action. Charles Townes (Nobel Prize 1964) and Arthur L. Schawlow (UofT BSc 1941, UofT PhD 1949, Nobel Prize 1980) invented the laser in 1958.

This experiment has just transitioned to new smaller HeNe tubes.

Write-Up in PDF Format or Microsoft Word Format.

(The experiment is currently located in MP242; last write-up revision: December 2011.)

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From Prof. Robin Marjoribanks

Photo of HeNe setup

3rd year Arts and Sciences undergraduate and Varsity Blues volleyball player, Anastasia Danilova, working on an earlier version of the Helium-Neon Laser.