Winter 2017 Practicals

Welcome!  The Practicals are mandatory weekly 3-hour sessions in which you will get together in teams of 2 or 4 to work on hands-on activities, experimental measurements and error analysis and computer simulations. 

MP125-C PHY152 book
What you do in Practicals will be directly related to what is going on in class, and is designed to help you succeed on the tests and exam.  Practicals are sometimes called "labratorials", as they combine traditional aspects of both laboratories and tutorials.

All PHY152 Practicals are held in MP125-C. 


Jason Harlow, Practicals Coordinator. Office: MP328, Phone 416-978-6674
Kaley Walker, Course Professor.  Office: MP712, Phone 416-978-8218,
Damya Souami, Lecturer B.  Office: MP121-B,
Phone 416-946-4071

April Seeley, Course Administrator. Office: MP129, Phone 416-946-0531,

Phil Scolieri, Practicals Technologist. Office: MP101.

There are seven Practicals sections with a maximum of 32 students per section.  TAs whose names are in italics were also TAs for PHY151 last fall.  Drop boxes are in the basement of the tower-part of MP, downstairs from the bust of Isaac Newton.

Section Time Group Code
TA1 (marks Practicals activities)
TA2 (marks problem sets)
Drop Box
P0101 T9am-12noon T9 Li Ern Chern
John Lai 41
P0201 T1-4pm
Chuangxin Lin Fengyi Xie 42
Geremia Massarelli Lingyun He 43
P0401 W2-5pm W2 Joey Carter Dominique Soutiere 44
W5-8pm W5 Antoine Sarracini Kelly Foran
P0501 R9am-12noon R9 Haille Sharum Leo Uribe Castano 46
P0601 R1-4pm R1
Matthew Badali
Sana Ketabchi Haghighat 47

Here is the Practicals Marking Rubric .

Here is the PHY152 Help Centre Schedule

Practical Schedule (Subject to Change)



Topics, Activities


Jan 5,6


Jan 9-13



Jan 17-19

Practice Problem Set 1    -    Solutions
Practicals Activities: Fluids Module Activities 3, 4, 9 and 10.  [Activity 5 if you have time.]


Jan 24-26

Practice Problem Set 2   -   Solutions
Practicals Activities: Electricity and Magnetism Module 1 Activities 1 and 2 [Activity 3 if you have time]


Jan 31 - Feb 2

Practice Problem Set 3     -   Solutions
Practicals Activities: Uncertainties Module 4 Short Version Questions 1-4, Activities 1-4.  [If you have time, derive equation 1, and comment on what would happen in microgravity as g approaches zero.]

Feb 7-9
Background Reading for this week's activities: Wolfson Sections 24.3 and 25.1-25.3
Practice Problem Set 4   -   Solutions
 Practicals Activities: Electricity and Magnetism Module 2 Activities 1-6 [Activity 7 if you have time]
5 Feb 14-16 Practice Problem Set 5      -     Solutions
Practicals Activities: Electricity and Magnetism Module 3 Activities 8 and 9 [If you have time, repeat steps 1-15 for a second pattern]
Midterm Thu. Feb.16 6:00pm
  Feb 20-24
NO PRACTICALS - Reading Week


Feb 28 - Mar 2

Scrambling Teams Today
Practice Problem Set 6        -    Solutions
Practicals Activities: Electricity and Magnetism Module 5 Activities1, 2, 3 and 6.  [Activity 4 if you have time]


Mar 7-9

Practice Problem Set 7        -    Solutions
Practicals Activities: Electricity and Magnetism Module 6 Activities 1, 5 and 6.  [Activity 7 if you have time]


Mar 14-16

Practice Problem Set 8       -      Solutions
Practicals Activities: Oscillations Module  Activities 2, 3, 4 and 9  [Activity 5 if you have time]


Mar 21-23

Practice Problem Set 9      -     Solutions
Practicals Activities in pairs: Waves and Interference With Python Activities 1 and 2.  Only your final codes will be marked by the TA1 (no booklets this week).  Codes are due by email to your TA1 before the beginning of your practical next week.  Codes must run without crashing, and must be well commented (comments replace the booklet).


Mar 28-30

Practice Problem Set 10             -           Solutions
Practicals Activities: Waves Module 2  Activities 2, 4, 5 Part A only, 6.  [If you have time repeat Activity 6 parts A-F with either the blue or green laser, or both.]
Practicals Evaluations Today!

Apr 3-5