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Power Point Presentations, MP3 Recordings, Video and Livestreaming

The University of Toronto weekly physics colloquia are available online. You can download the PowerPoint (or PDF) file and the MP3 recording to your computer. The talks are also livestreamed to the Youtube Channel.

Current Colloquium List

Date Speaker / Institution Host Title / Topic Download
Mar 12, 2020 Anton Zilman
University of Toronto
Sid Goyal Simple physics of complex "biomachines": the curious case of the Nuclear Pore Complex VIDEO
Mar 5, 2020 Alan Migdall
Aephraim Steinberg Measurements: For all time, for all people (The dawning of a new age) VIDEO
February 27, 2020 Stephen Montzka
Paul Kushner The surprising case of CFC-11: Have we fallen off the path to ozone layer recovery? Slides (pdf) Slides (pptx)
February 13, 2020 Kendrick Smith
Perimeter Institute
Chris Thompson CHIME: The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment Slides (pdf) VIDEO
February 6, 2020 Cornelia Hoehr
Pekka Sinervo How nuclear physics can treat cancer - radiotherapy at TRIUMF Slides (pdf) VIDEO
January 30, 2020 Mark Zoback
Stanford University
Qinya Liu/Giovanni Grasselli Utilizing Physics-Based Models to Manage the Risk of Injection-Induced Seismicity Associated with Unconventional Oil and Gas Production Slides (pdf) Slides (pptx) VIDEO
January 23, 2020 Rouven Essig
Stony Brook University
David Curtin Direct Detection of sub-GeV Dark Matter: A New Frontier Slides (pdf) VIDEO
January 16, 2020 Meigan Aronson
University of British Columbia
Stephen Julian Alternatives to Ordered Phases at Zero Temperature Slides (pptx)
January 9, 2020 Melinda Webster
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Paul Kushner Will snow help or hurt sea ice in a warming climate? VIDEO
December 5, 2019 Stephanie Waterman
University of British Columbia
Filling in the Map: Arctic Ocean mixing space-time geography & its impacts VIDEO
Nov 28, 2019 Jonathan Oppenheim
University College London
John Sipe A post-quantum theory of classical gravity? Slides (pdf) VIDEO
Nov 21, 2019 Tulika Bose
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Pekka Sinervo Searches for new physics at the Large Hadron Collider - with precision and innovation VIDEO
Nov 14, 2019 Tracy Slatyer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
David Curtin Deciphering the Universe's Dark History Slides (pdf) VIDEO
Nov 7, 2019 Terry Hwa
University of California, San Diego
Sid Goyal Bacterial growth laws and the origin of dimensional reduction VIDEO
October 31, 2019 Nigel Smith
Pekka Sinervo The SNOLAB Science Programme: cutting-edge science from a deep hole in the ground VIDEO
October 24, 2019 Ivan Schuller
University of California San Diego
John Wei Neuromorphic Computing VIDEO
October 17, 2019 Andrea Cavalleri
Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter
Young-June Kim Emergent Properties in Light Matter Hybrids VIDEO
October 10, 2019 Sidhartha Goyal
University of Toronto
Pekka Sinervo Statistical mechanics of stem cells Slides (pdf) VIDEO
October 3, 2019 Mishkatul Bhattacharya
Rochester Institute of Technology
Daniel James Flying lasers for sound Slides (pdf) VIDEO
September 26, 2019 Thomas Scaffidi
University of Toronto
John Sipe Electron hydrodynamics Slides (pdf) Slides (pptx) VIDEO
September 19, 2019 Cheng Chin
University of Chicago
Joseph Thywissen Bose fireworks Slides (pdf) VIDEO
April 4, 2019 Carl Wieman
Stanford University
Pekka Sinervo Teaching Students to Think Like Physicists Slides (pdf) VIDEO
March 28, 2019 Chen-Yu Liu
Indiana University
Pekka Sinervo The Neutron Lifetime Puzzle VIDEO
March 21, 2019 Nancy Forde
Simon Fraser University
Claudiu Gradinaru Building tools and models to characterize biological mechanics at the nanoscale Slides (pdf) VIDEO
March 14, 2019 Sam Vinko
UC Oxford University
Robin Marjoribanks One x-ray source to rule them all VIDEO
March 7, 2019 Pascale Garaud
UC Santa Cruz
Nicolas Grisouard Layering instabilities in fluid dynamics VIDEO
February 28, 2019 Martin Savage
University of Washington
Michael Luke Quantum Computing and Quantum Information for Nuclear Physics Grand Challenge Problems VIDEO
February 14, 2019 Dmitri Chklovskii
Flatiron Institute Simons Foundation
Sid Goyal How the brain computes: A physicist's perspective VIDEO
February 7, 2019 Amy Clement
University of Miami
Nicolas Grisouard The Causes of Atlantic Climate Variability Slides (pdf) VIDEO
January 31, 2019 Joshua W. Shaevitz
Princeton University
Sid Goyal Self-driven phase transitions in living matter VIDEO
January 24, 2019 Rama Ranganathan
University of Chicago
Sid Goyal Evolutionary “Design” of Proteins VIDEO
January 17, 2019 Anton Burkov
University of Waterloo
Arun Paramekanti Topological Metals VIDEO
January 10, 2019 Mary-Louise Timmermans
Yale University
Nicolas Grisouard A stockpile of heat deep in the Arctic interior VIDEO
December 6, 2018 Emilia Morosan
Rice University
John Wei From "Iron man" to refrigerator magnets - Itinerant magnets without magnetic elements
November 29, 2018 Ludwig Mathey
University of Hamburg
Arun Paramekanti Controlling many-body systems via periodic driving VIDEO
November 22, 2018 Eric Hessels
York University
Amar Vutha Table-top precision measurements to test fundamental physics
November 15, 2018 Mark van Raamsdonk
University of British Columbia
AW Peet Gravity and Entanglement VIDEO
November 8, 2018 David Hogg
New York University
Chris Thompson The ESA Gaia Mission and dark matter in the Milky Way VIDEO
November 1, 2018 Premala Chandra
Stony Brook University
Arun Paramekanti The Inner Universe of Quantum Materials VIDEO
October 25, 2018 Neelima Sehgal
Stony Brook University
David Curtin Mapping Dark Matter on Large and Small Scales with the Cosmic Microwave Background VIDEO
October 18, 2018 Achim Rosch
University of Cologne
Arun Paramekanti Whirls in magnets: from skyrmions to magnetic monopoles VIDEO
October 11, 2018 David Curtin
University of Toronto
Pekka Sinervo Particle Physics at the Lifetime Frontier VIDEO
October 4, 2018 Peter Wittek
University of Toronto
Daniel James An asymmetric relationship: Quantum computing and artificial intelligence VIDEO
September 27, 2018 Martin Gruebele
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Claudiu Gradinaru Imaging excited state dynamics with sub-nanometer resolution VIDEO
September 20, 2018 Eric Cornell
JILA University of Colorado at Boulder
Joseph Thywissen No Physicist is an Island: Looking for TeV Physics in a peV Transition
September 13, 2018 Scott Denning
Colorado State University
Kimberly Strong Planetary metabolism: Breathing of the Earth VIDEO
April 5, 2018 John Cook
George Mason University
Debra Wunch Responding to fake news in the post-truth era Slides (pdf) VIDEO
March 22, 2018 Antoine Venaille
École Normale Supérieure de Lyon
Nicolas Grisouard A surprising connection between exotic states of matter and a precursor of El Nino Slides (pdf) VIDEO
March 15, 2018 Simon Scheuring
Weill Cornell Medicine
Claudiu Gradinaru High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy: The Dawn of Dynamic Structural Biochemistry Slides (pdf) VIDEO
March 8, 2018 Raman Sundrum
University of Maryland
David Curtin Fundamental Physics and the Fifth Dimension Slides (pdf) VIDEO
March 1, 2018 Anna M. Michalak
Carnegie University
Debra Wunch Can you un-stir a creamy cup of coffee? Untangling atmospheric greenhouse gas signatures to reveal what controls emissions Slides (pdf) VIDEO
February 15, 2018 Paul Corkum
University of Ottawa
Joseph Thywissen Probed quantum systems on the attosecond time scale Slides (pdf) VIDEO
February 8, 2018 Natasha Grace Holmes
Cornell University
Andrew Meyertholen Rethinking Intro Physics Labs Slides (pdf) VIDEO
February 1, 2018 Vidya Madhavan
University of Illinois
John Y.T. Wei Massless and Massive Electrons: Relativistic Physics in Condensed Matter Systems Slides (pdf) VIDEO
January 25, 2018 Tanya Zelevinksy
Columbia University
Joseph Thywissen Physics and chemistry with diatomic molecules near absolute zero Slides (pdf) VIDEO
January 18, 2018 Asimina Arvanitaki
Perimeter Institute
David Curtin Particle Physics Beyond Colliders Slides (pdf) VIDEO
January 11, 2018 Ehud Altman
Berkeley University
Chaos, thermalization and the dynamics of quantum information: how quantum butterflies produce classical storms Slides (pdf) VIDEO
December 7, 2017 Rafael Fernandes
University of Minnesota
Arun Paramekanti A tale of two states: the complex relationship between superconductivity and magnetism in quantum materials Slides (pdf) VIDEO
November 30, 2017 Hue Sun Chan
University of Toronto
Claudiu Gradinaru Physics of Protein Function and Evolution: From Sequence-Structure to Sequence-Ensemble Relationships Slides (pdf) VIDEO
November 23, 2017 John Dutcher
University of Guelph
Claudiu Gradinaru Unlocking the potential of Nature's Dendrimer Slides (pdf) VIDEO
November 16, 2017 Heather Lewandowski
University of Boulder Colorado
Andrew Meyertholen Engaging Students in Authentic Scientific Practises in Lab Courses Slides (pdf)
November 9, 2017 Makoto Fujiwara
Pekka Sinervo Casting light on Antimatter: fundamental physics with bottled antihydrogen Slides (pdf) VIDEO
November 2, 2017 Mack Kira
University of Michigan
John Sipe Clustronics on quantum many-body architecture Slides (pdf) VIDEO
October 26, 2017 Matthew Schwartz
Harvard University
Michael Luke Modern Machine Learning and the Large Hadron Collider VIDEO
October 19, 2017 Saul Teukolsky
Cornell University
Aaron Zimmerman The coming revolution in computational astrophyics Slides (pdf) VIDEO
October 12, 2017 Philip W Phillips
University of Illinois
Arun Paramekanti Do Cuprate High-Temperature Superconductors harbor Extra Dimensions? Slides (pdf) VIDEO
October 5, 2017 Duncan O'Dell
McMaster University
Daniel James The Abraham-Minkowski controversy: an ultracold atom perspective Slides (pdf) VIDEO
September 28, 2017 Pauline Gagnon
The role of Mileva Maric Einstein Slides (pptx) VIDEO
April 6, 2017 Stephon Alexander
Brown University
Amanda Peet The Jazz of Physics: The Link Between Music and The Structure of the Universe (no media)
March 30, 2017 Jason Alicea
Arun Paramekanti Majorana Materializes audio (mp3)
March 23 2017 Cristina Marchetti
Syracuse University
Anton Zilman Active Matter: from colloids to living cells audio (mp3)
March 16, 2017 Tiziana Vanorio
Stanford University
Paul Young Cementing Roman Concrete To a Caldera audio (MP3)
March 9, 2017 John Bernard
National Research Council
Amar Vutha From Chains to Combs: The Measurement of Optical Frequencies audio (MP3)
March 2, 2017 Roger Melko
University of Waterloo and Perimeter Institute
Arun Paramekanti Machine Learning the Many-Body Problem audio (MP3)
February 16, 2017 Bangalore Sathyaprakash
Cardiff University
Harald Pfeiffer Listening to black hole swan song: A new window for observational astronomy audio (MP3)
February 9, 2017 Matthew Schwartz
Harvard University
Michael Luke The Emergence of Jets at the Large Hadron Collider - This talk is CANCELLED (no media)
February 2, 2017 Marcela Carena
Pekka Sinervo Higgs Portals to Dark Matter and Extra Dimensions audio (MP3)
January 26, 2017 Philip Kim
Harvard University
Young-June Kim Bloch, Landau, and Dirac: Hofstadter’s Butterfly in Graphene audio (MP3)
January 19, 2017 Robert Boyd
University of Ottawa
John Sipe Quantum Nonlinear Optics: Nonlinear Optics Meets the Quantum World audio (MP3)
Jan 12, 2017 Pierre-Tomas Brun
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stephen Morris/Mary Pugh Building with fluids: from fluid flows to tangible structures (no media)
January 5, 2017 Andrew Meyertholen
University of Toronto
Jason Harlow A Physics 256 Case Study: Incorporating research-based teaching techniques into an upper-level course audio (MP3)
Dec 08, 2016 Massimo Vergassola
University of California, San Diego
Anton Zilman Navigating turbulent environments audio (MP3)
Dec 01, 2016 David Lockner
U.S. Geological Survey
Mario Tibbo/Paul Young Earthquake Scaling from M-9 to M+9 (or what happens in the lab stays in the lab) audio (MP3)
Nov 24, 2016 Colin Goldblatt
University of Victoria
Nicolas Grisouard Habitability and climate of (exo)planets audio (MP3)
Nov 17, 2016 David Bailey
University of Toronto
Pekka Sinervo Everyone screws up sometimes – Uncertainty in the real world audio (MP3)
Nov 10, 2016 David Crisp
Jet Propulsion Laboratory/CalTech
Debra Wunch Watching the Earth Breathe with the NASA Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) audio (MP3)
Nov 03 2016 Steven Cundiff
University of Michigan
John Sipe Optical Multi-Dimensional Coherent Spectroscopy audio (MP3)
Oct 27 2016 Maria Spiropulu
California Institute of Technology
Hiro Tanaka The Higgs and beyond: connections and puzzles in particle physics audio (MP3)
Oct 20, 2016 Kevin Trenberth
NCAR Boulder
Nicolas Grisouard Implications of Earth’s energy imbalance for climate audio (MP3)
Oct 13, 2016 Mohit Randeria
Ohio State University
Arun Paramekanti Skyrmions: From high energy physics to condensed matter systems audio (MP3)
Oct 06, 2016 Eugenia Etkina
Rutgers University
Andrew Meyertholen Investigative Science Learning Environment (ISLE): Making your students collaborative participants in the practice of physics audio (MP3)
Sep 29, 2016 J. Michael Roney
University of Victoria
Pekka Sinervo Applying Quantum Entanglement to Search for New Physics at TeV Energies audio (MP3)
Sep 22, 2016 Wolfgang Ketterle
Joseph Thywissen Ultracold atoms as quantum simulators for new materials -- optical lattices and synthetic magnetic fields (no media)

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