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Power Point Presentations and MP3 Recordings

The University of Toronto weekly physics colloquia are available online. You can download the PowerPoint (or PDF) file and the MP3 recording to your computer. Just click on the PowerPoint file for the talk, and click open at the prompt. If you have difficulty opening the file in your browser, you can download both the PowerPoint file and the MP3 recording to your computer.

Colloquium List 2014-2015

Date Speaker / Institution Host Title / Topic Download
Sep 11, 2014 Benjamin Lev
Stanford University
Arun Paramekanti The SQCRAMscope N/A
Sep 18, 2014 Noah Finkelstein
Stanford University
Andrew Meyertholen Educational Transformation at a Critical Time: why us and why now -- the promises of disciplinary engagement N/A

Talks from previous years:

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