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Are you thinking about coming to Toronto ?



The University of Toronto has a long tradition in graduate research in physics.  Since 1900 a total of 1,103 Ph.D. degrees have been awarded in Physics. Our graduates have come from all parts of Canada and the rest of the world. They have had a major influence in the world of physics and science as a  whole. For more information about some of our distinguished alumni, see Nobel Prize Winners and the History of the Department of Physics.

Our current graduate enrollment (2012-13) totals 179 students in programmes leading to the M.Sc. and Ph.D.

2007: 19 Ph.Ds           2008: 15 Ph.Ds                  2009: 23 Ph.Ds                   2010:15 Ph.Ds          2011:  21 Ph.Ds     2012: 16 Ph.Ds

Typically about 25% of our graduate students are women. For more information about women in physics research at U of T, see Women in Physics.

Building on the strong tradition of the last 100 years, the Department of Physics at U of T is continuing with great energy. Many new young, world-class physicists are being hired in tenure-track positions and setting up exciting research programmes. It is a great time to come to Toronto to do your graduate studies in Physics. For more information about life as a graduate student, see the Graduate Student Handbook. We hope you will join us!

We welcome the following new students who have decided to join us for graduate studies in September 2013. This new group of students continue the tradition of selecting the best applicants from all parts of the world.


Here's a list of incoming students for 2013/2014:

Name University Province/Country
Rhys Anderson
University of Waterloo
John Anglo
University of Calgary Alberta
Olinka Bedroya
Sharif University
Andrei Catuneanu
University of Waterloo (PSI)
Yige Chen
University of Waterloo Ontario
Kyle Cormier
University of Waterloo Ontario
Maria Correa Rodriquez
National University Mexico
Ryan Day
University of Toronto Ontario
Miriam Diamond
University of Waterloo (PSI)
Kit Fai (John) Feng
University of Toronto Ontario
Hugo Ferretti
McGill University
Adam Forget
Dalhousie University
Nova Scotia
Mathew Galloway
McGill University Quebec
Joshua Guerrero
University of Toronto
Jeremie Harris
University of Ottawa Ontario
John Hartley
University of Toronto Ontario
Ginelle Johnston
Queen's University Ontario
Marcel Kehl
University of Bonn Germany
Sean Langemeyer
University of Toronto Ontario
Chuangxin Lin
University of Science and Technology
Erik Lutsch
University of Waterloo Ontario
Kyle Manchee
University of Alberta Alberta
Colin Merkel
University of Toronto Ontario
Zhichao Pan
Leipzing University
Ue-Yu Pen National Central University Taiwan
Trung Pham
University of Waterloo (PSI) Ontario
Hudson Pimenta Silveira University de Sal Paulo Brazil
Russell Pollari Queen's University Ontario
Anthony Pugliese University of Toronto Ontario
Antoine Sarracini York University Ontario
Josiah Sinclair Calvin College Michigan
Scott Smale Simon Fraser University British Columbia
Dominique Soutiere University of Waterloo (PSI)
Alexander Su University of Toronto Ontario
Maria Tibbo University of Ottawa Ontario
Daniel-Anthony Travo University of Windsor
Chun An Tsai University of Toronto Ontario
Arun Vellat Sadashivan Indian Institute of Technology India
Laurelle Veloce Queen's University Ontario
Andrei Vovk University of Toronto Ontario
Jake Wells Memorial University Newfoundland
Hanbo Wu University of Science and Technology China
Ke Xu Nanjing University China
Samuel Yoshua King's College UK
Chen Zhang Nanjing University China
Xuesong Zhang University of Toronto Ontario