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About Us

The Physics Graduate Program at the University of Toronto

The Department of Physics is home to roughly 170 PhD students and 20 MSc students, all pursuing research at the cutting edge of their chosen fields of study. Each student joins a research group led by one or several faculty members. The department is home to a diverse set of research teams, in both theory and experiment, operating across a broad spectrum of topics: particle physics, quantum optics, geophysics, atmospheric physics, condensed matter physics, biological physics, cosmology and string theory, as well as collaborative programs in interdisciplinary subjects. Physically, these teams are based either at the downtown St. George campus (STG), the Mississauga campus (UTM), or the Scarborough campus (UTSC). Among the pages of the Department website is more information about research, the graduate program, graduate courses, and application procedures. If you don't find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us.