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IDEA Committee

Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility

The Department of Physics is committed to an inclusive, equitable, and welcoming environment that fosters a sense of belonging in the Department and University community. The IDEA Committee works to advance the principles of inclusivity, diversity, equity and accessibility as outlined in the Department of Physics IDEA statement. The Committee seeks to collect and hear the voices of all members of our department to understand IDEA-related matters; conceives new initiatives to enhance IDEA in our department; provides advice and recommendations to the Chair and executive leadership on advancing IDEA throughout the department; and works to directly implement them in cooperation with members of the department as well as other departmental or university stakeholders. If you have feedback and/or an idea for enhancing IDEA in our department, please contact the Committee (, or any of its members individually.

View the Department of Physics IDEA Statement

Physics as an Inclusive Community

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IDEA Committee Members:

David Curtin -

Faculty Representatives
Miriam Diamond -
Nicolas Grisouard -
Pekka K. Sinervo -
Dwayne Miller -
Ania Harlick -
Brian Wilson-
Sergio de la Barrera -

Staff Representatives
Liz Glover -
Hala Larizza-Ali -
Supreet Randhawa -

Student Representatives
Liz Cunningham (Graduate) -
Sarah Han (Graduate) -
Jillian Escobar (Undergraduate) -
Raia Ottenheimer (Undergraduate) -
Mikayla Pye (Undergraduate) -

U of T Physics Resources

  • Physibility
  • Health and Wellness page (includes contact details for the Graduate Student Liaison, a contact person for physics graduate students who would like informal department-internal advice on navigating their professional trajectory and supervisor relationship, from someone without a conflict of interest with the research faculty.)