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Van Kranendonk Award Nomination

The Van Kranendonk Award is given every year to four graduate students who have done the best job as Teaching Assistants during the current year. It depends on nominations from undergraduate students like you.
Jan van Kranendonk

2024-2025 Van Kranendonk Award for Teaching Assistant

If you feel your TA or Demonstrator is worthy of the award please take a few minutes and nominate your TA by filling out the form below.

For more info about Jan Van Kranendonk please visit his memorial page.

Do you want to know who has won the award in the past? See a list of former Van Kranendonk TA Award Winners

Van Kranendonk Award Nomination Form Van Kranendonk Award Nomination Form
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Van Kranendonk TA Award Winners
Winners of the Van Kranendonk TA Award from 1983 to 2024