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Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Physics

The Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Physics (EAPP) group within the Department of Physics conducts research focused on global-scale physical processes in the Earth and planets including the interiors, oceans and atmospheres.

The group carries out basic research in areas of physics related to (1) planetary fluid dynamics and climate dynamics using theory and computation, (2) experimental design and implementation of global observational/remote sensing systems, and (3) state-of-the-art analysis of observed global-scale data. The EAPP group takes advantage of extensive technical and disciplinary connections between the classical areas of atmosphere/ocean science, geophysics, and planetary physics. While the group is focused on basic science, its research bears directly on a host of applications including international scientific assessments of global climate change and stratospheric ozone depletion, mapping of the Earth's internal structures in the context of understanding the dynamics of Earth's interior, earthquake characterization and seismic hazard assessment, environmental impacts of atmospheric pollution involving tropospheric ozone and biomass burning, and prediction of weather and climate on all timescales.