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Undergraduate Geophysics

If you are interested in studying geophysics at the undergraduate level, there are several options for you depending on your interests.

Academic Programs in which you can do geophysics.

If you would like more advice on which program is best for you, please contact us at

B.Sc. Physics (Specialist)

This program is a regular physics specialist degree.  A geophysicist is a physicist who applies their knowledge to the study of Earth and other planets so many of the standard physics courses in mechanics, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics, computational and laboratory physics provide the foundation for geophysics.  You are an excellent candidate for pursuing graduate work in geophysics if you do the Physics Specialist program.  If you would like more exposure to geophysics, then you can choose geophysics courses to meet several of the program requirements.  For example, in third and fourth year, the PHY3/4XXH1 requirements can be met  by taking courses such as:

  • PHY395H: Physics of the Earth
  • PHY408H: Time Series Analysis
  • PHY493H: Seismology
  • PHY494H: Geophysical Imaging: EM and potential fields
  • PHY495H: Research Geophysics

Details of this physics specialist program and courses are given in the Arts and Science Faculty Calendar.

B.Sc. Geophysics (Joint Specialist)

As with many research areas, geophysics can be very interdisciplinary.  If you are interested in approaching geophysics with both a geology and physics background, then this program provides you with the means to do so.  Details are given in the Calendar entry for Earth Sciences.

B.A.Sc. Engineering Science (Physics Option)

If you are in Engineering Science, and you choose the Physics Option for your upper year courses, then you can choose geophysics courses (see listing under B.Sc. Physics above) for your Physics Option courses.  This is a program leading to a professional engineering degree, and can provide you with an excellent background for both graduate study and industry.  Details are given in the Calendar entry for engineering science.

B.A.Sc. Lassonde Program in Mineral Engineering

This program incorporates geophysics as a component of courses in specific professional disciplines. Details are given in the Calendar entry for mineral engineering.