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Research, Study and Job Opportunities in EAPP

Undergraduate/graduate student opportunities and job postings with the University of Toronto EAPP Group.

Undergraduate/Graduate Study and Research with EAPP

Our group provides students who have a background in physics and the physical sciences many opportunities to work on Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Physics from theoretical and experimental perspectives. If you want to apply your training in physics to understand topics such as the climate system, the carbon cycle, geodynamics, planetary atmosphere and interiors, and weather and pollution processes, consider working or studying with members of the EAPP group.

Undergraduate Study and Research

Are you an undergrad who would like to get research experience in our fields of interest? We offer a friendly environment and top-notch training to interested students with a strong physics background. We list some of our opportunities below:

If these opportunities interest you, please send an inquiry to or individual members of the EAPP group.

Graduate Study in EAPP in the Department of Physics at the University of Toronto

We always welcome physics grads who have no background in EAPP but are potentially interested in research in this area. Your grounding in physics is a great asset for graduate study in Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Physics. In your first years of course work and reading you will become sufficiently familiar with the specialized concepts of the subdiscipline you choose to focus on. The EAPP faculty supervise, instruct, and advise students in the University of Toronto Physics graduate program. If you wish to do graduate work in EAPP you will need to apply to the Physics program. Please note that applications to the graduate programme are due in January for the entry in the September program. It is a good idea to get in touch with the EAPP faculty if you want to learn more about research opportunities. Please see the University of Toronto Department of Physics graduate studies website for details, and email or individual EAPP faculty for more information.