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Whom to See about What

Name Office Telephone
Network connection, computer advice and accounts Steve Butterworth
Greg Wu
General administration, services, space, furniture Peter Hurley MP327 8-0627
Expense Reports
Purchase requisitions
Jean Xu MP320 8-2937
Health and Safety Arman Molki MP070 8-0626
Keys (office and building) Jo-Anne Wurster Main Office MP302 8-2231
Student Affairs Krystyna Biel MP315 8-2945
Teaching Assistantships
TA Payments
Hala Larizza-Ali MP301 8-7057
Telephone, Building Repairs Supreet Randhawa MP328A 8-3307
Who's Who in the Department
Name and Position Office Telephone Responsibilities
Kimberly Strong
MP323 8-5205 General department policy
Joseph Thywissen (Associate Chair, Graduate Studies) MP314 8-2931 Graduate programs; scholarships
Peter Krieger
(Associate Chair, Undergraduate)
MP328 8-6674 Undergraduate programs; teaching
assistantships; departmental services; laboratory and office space
Peter Hurley
(Administrative Officer)
MP327 8-1726 Non-academic affairs; policy and procedures; personnel; facilities management; communications. Support services: technical, computing, cryogenics, stores-receiving and shipping.
Michael Manley
(Financial Officer)
MP322 8-4450 Manager, Finance and HR Administration Departmental finances/academic affairs and policy; administration of payroll for academic/non-academic staff;
post-doctoral fellows and research associates; research grants administration
Christopher McGugan
(Administrative Assistant to the Chair)
MP324 8-3944 Chair's and Administrative Officer's
Assistant, assisting Chair and AO with administrative duties and appointments
Krystyna Biel
(Graduate Administrator)
MP315 8-2945 Graduate administration; scholarships; conflict resolution and counseling
Beata Kuszewska (Graduate Program Assistant) MP316 8-2945 Secretarial
services for graduate office; graduate student registration
Jason Harlow (Graduate Student Liaison) MP 129E 8-5493 Informal department-internal advice on navigating your professional trajectory and supervisor relationship
Matt Russo (TA coordinator) MP129A 8-7783 TA assignments
Hala Larizza-Ali (Undergraduate Coordinator) MP301 8-7057 Undergraduate programs; undergraduate
inquiries; registration; course office bookings; TA payroll, lecture/tutorial offices
April Seeley
(Secretary, Undergraduate Program; First Year Undergraduate Office)
MP129 6-0531 Secretarial services for undergraduate
office; First Year Undergraduate Office
Diane Nguyen (Accounting) MP318 8-2951 Accounting policy and procedures, grant reconciliation; accounts receivable
Jean Xu (Purchasing) MP320 8-2937 Purchase requisitions; purchase orders;
personal expense reimbursements; receiving reports; Physics Computing
Services accounting; purchasing policy; payment of invoices; accounts payable
Supreet Randhawa
(Facilities and Special Projects Coordinator)
MP328A 8-3307 Main Office administration; facilities and services assistance; building maintenance and repairs (lights, power, floods, etc.)
Jo-Anne Wurster
(Departmental Receptionist)
MP302 8-2231 Keys and fobs; bulletin boards; booking conference rooms and lounges
Steve Butterworth
(Manager, Physics Computing Services)
MP805 8-2746 Computing services for research, teaching and administration.
Network management, system administration, internet services and application development
Phil Scolieri
(Safety Officer)
MP128 8-2957 Departmental and university safety policies and procedures
Arman Molki
(Director, Physics Learning  Research Services)
MP070 8-0626 Undergraduate laboratories and lecture support. Technical support services: Support services: shops, computing, cryogenics, stores, receiving and shipping.
NuRee Lee
MP211C 8-5188 Department of Physics library
Alex Cui
(Stockroom Operations Coordinator)
MP060/062 8-5232 Stores; shipping/receiving; chemical disposal
Group Offices
Research Area Office Telephone Contact
Theoretical Physics, Quantum Optics
and Condensed Matter Physics
MP1109 8-7135 Helen Iyer
Experimental Physics, Quantum Optics
and Condensed Matter Physics
MP1109 6-7640 Joanafel Magnaye
High Energy Physics and Geophysics MP804 8-1543 Crystal Liao
Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary
MP716A 8-2933 Fatima Ijaz