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Financial Support and Scholarships

Stipends, scholarships, and travel grants

While pursuing your graduate studies in physics, you will be provided with a yearly stipend and with an opportunity for well paid teaching work. This stipend is not a "salary" in the traditional sense, because the most valuable parts of your graduate studies are the training and experience you are receiving, not the financial income. Instead, the intent of a stipend is to allow you to focus on your research without the distraction of additional employment to pay for housing, tuition, etc. The base-level stipend amount typically increases with inflation; the amounts listed on this page report the current academic year only.

The estimated support levels for Physics graduate students in their first five years can be found by following the links on the right ("UofT Physics Graduate Student Financial Support for [current year]"). The university-wide paradigm of graduate-student funding is described at this Faculty of Arts & Science page, although support levels vary from department to department. The bottom line is that after paying tuition, you are guaranteed a basic amount for five years of graduate studies. One month before the term begins, each registered graduate student in this guaranteed-funding cohort will receive a personalized email outlining the sources of their financial package.