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Effective Communication for Physicists

not offered this year!

Official description

This course will provide the framework for the development of effective communication skills that will help you, as a scientist, throughout your careers. Effective communication is key to being an effective scientist.

We will start off with a brief introduction to the philosophy of scientific reasoning and its distinction from other means of rationalizing natural phenomena. In the research process, the creative aspects of science are often not well-appreciated. What makes great science? What distinguishes a creative researcher?

Most of our focus will be on what is good scientific writing and what makes a great scientific presentation. These will be developed by practice and by receiving extensive feedback. The course will also introduce practices that will help you be more effective as a science communicator to a more general audience.

Note: PHY1600 is a credit/no-credit (CR/NC) course. It may count towards the course requirements for a MSc or PhD in Physics. However, if both PHY1600 and PHY1610 are taken, then PhD students must take an extra 0.5 FCE (half-course lecture) to meet program requirements.

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Tuesdays 12 - 2 pm MP1115

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