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PHY1489H F (ARTS & SCI 489)
Introduction to High Energy Physics

Official description

This course introduces the basics of fundamental particles and the strong, weak and electromagnetic forces that govern their interactions in the Standard Model of particle physics. Topics include: introduction to the Standard Model, Feynman diagrams, relativistic kinematics, conservation laws, particle decays and scattering processes, fermions and the Dirac equation, electroweak unification and the Higgs field.

Link to cross listed undergraduate course: PHY489H1/1489H

                            ['“Introduction to Elementary Particles” (2nd Edition) by Griffiths']
course title
PHY1489H F (ARTS & SCI 489)
cross listed course
time and location
This cross listed course is offered together with PHY489F. For course schedule please see: PHY489F
Luke, Michael
Michael Luke

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