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Concentrating the Sun: Concentrated Photovoltaics and design challenges at 1000 Suns

Myrskog.jpg Photovoltaics, one of several renewable energy sources, have been gaining ground world-wide within the last several years.  In this talk I will introduce the available solar resource, the solar energy industry, and the physics of photovoltaics.  Standard silicon-based photovoltaics are explained, outlining their energy generation capacity and limitations.  Concentrating photovoltaics (CPV)  decrease the usage of semiconductor material by focusing sunlight and utilize higher-efficiency 3rd generation photovoltaics cells to reach high overall efficiencies are discussed along with their advantages and disadvantages.  Morgan Solar's proprietary light-guide technology, the Sun Simba is introduced with a focus on several of the design challenges faced in the development of a device that can withstand 20+ years of operation while concentrating sun-light by a factor of 1000.