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From "Iron man" to refrigerator magnets - Itinerant magnets without magnetic elements

Morosan Itinerant and local moment magnetism have substantively different origins, and require distinct theoretical treatment. A unified theory of magnetism has long been sought after, and remains elusive, mainly due to the limited number of known itinerant magnetic systems. In the case of the two such examples discovered six decades ago, the itinerant ferromagnets ZrZn 2 and Sc 3 In, the understanding of their magnetic ground states draws on the existence of delocalized 3d electrons subject to strong spin fluctuations. Here I will present the properties of the recently-discovered itinerant antiferromagnetic metal with no magnetic constituents, TiAu, and the quantum critical behavior unveiled by doping. I will contrast this with the effects of both electron doping and pressure. This new IAFM challenges the currently limited understanding of weak itinerant antiferromagnetism, while providing long sought-after insights into the effects of spin fluctuations in itinerant electron systems.