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Prof. Hoi-Kwong Lo has been awarded the 2023 IEEE Photonics Society Quantum Electronics Award


The IEEE Photonics Society Quantum Electronics Award was created to recognize outstanding technical contributions to quantum electronics, either in fundamentals, applications, or in both. The award recognizes seminal or fundamental contributions in important field.

Prof. Lo has been honoured with this achievement for establishing the theoretical and experimental foundation for practical quantum cryptography and quantum network.

Prof. Lo is a pioneer in the field of quantum information and quantum cryptography and was among the first in the world to establish three fundamental results:

1) to prove the information-theoretic security of QKD,

2) to co-invent quantum secret sharing, and

3) to prove the impossibility of quantum bit commitment.

His research group at the University of Toronto was the first in the world to implement experimentally the decoy state QKD protocol in 2005 and successfully hack commercial QKD systems (around 2008-2010). In 2012, he co-invented the novel protocol measurement-device-independent (MQI-QKD), which is widely regarded as a breakthrough in the field. Recently, his research group and collaborators invented and experimentally implemented a proof-of-principle demonstration of all photonics quantum repeaters and experimentally implemented the novel twin-field QKD protocol.

He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS), an Optica Fellow (OSA), and has been awarded the 2022 CAP-INO Medal for Outstanding Achievement in Applied Photonics.

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