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Heinrich Events: Tidal Forcing as a Cause for Rapid Deglaciations of the Hudson Strait Ice Stream.

Sediment cores recovered from the North Atlantic indicate that during the last ice age, ice rafted debris from the Hudson strait was periodically disgorged over a short period of time. It is an open question in the literature as to what mechanism causes Heinrich Events and in this presentation the possibility of tidal triggering and forcing will be explored. Using a discontinuous Galerkin approach, the shallow water tidal equations will be solved on the sphere to model the amplitude and phase of the glacial oceans. Through comparison with the state of the oceans during and after the most recent Heinrich event(H1), it will be shown that a high amplitude node tracks backwards with the ice stream as it retreats towards Hudson Bay, and that H1 profoundly disrupts the North Atlantic resonance that was known to exist under glacial conditions.