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New ozone retrievals above Kiruna from KIMRA and MIRA 2

The Kiruna Microwave Radiometer (KIMRA) and the Millimetre-wave Radiometer (MIRA 2) are ground-based radiometers for atmospheric research currently operating in Kiruna, Sweden (68N, 20E), at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF). Each instrument measures the radiation emitted from atmospheric gases during rotational transitions of the molecules and provides a spectrum of the atmosphere. These spectra were used to retrieve profiles of ozone concentrations in the stratosphere with a resolution of ~ 7 km altitude. KIMRA has been operating in Kiruna for several years, and since the installation of MIRA 2 in November 2012 they have been making simultaneous measurements, providing an excellent opportunity for a comparison. I will talk about the newly retrieved ozone concentration profiles above Kiruna from KIMRA and MIRA 2 measurements and a comparison of the results, and also a little about Kiruna, IRF, and the research being carried out there.