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Enabling Searches for New Physics at the Energy Frontier

IPP Research Scientist seminar
For the last few decades, High Energy Physics has been a victim of its own early success. Despite numerous  theoretical  arguments  why  it  cannot  be  the  final explanation  for  the interactions  of fundamental particles,  the  Standard  Model  of  particle  physics  continues  to withstand  intense scrutiny of the most determined experimental physicists. One promising way to search for signs of new physics is at the energy frontier at the LHC, probing energies comparable to those present very shortly after the Big Bang.

In this talk, I will review some recent experimental results for searches for new physics using data from the ATLAS experiment. Signs of new physics could also first show up as subtle surprises in the behaviour  of  the  known  particles,  which  could  indirectly  hint  at  new  physics. I  will discuss details about the detector performance, with a focus on the ATLAS inner tracker, which are crucial for such searches and precision measurements in particular, and highlight the potential of the future phase II upgrade of the ATLAS inner tracker. I will conclude with a discussion on recent results on  dark matter  and  new  physics  with  GAMBIT,  the  Global  and  Modular  Beyond the Standard Inference Tool, including first results of recasting early LHC Run2 electroweak SUSY searches.