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Neutrino Oscillations at Work

The MINOS experiment has been the work horse of the FNAL neutrino program and over the last 7 years has contributed to a number of seminal measurements of neutrino oscillation parameters. MINOS+,  a new phase of the experiment, has been taking data for 2 years now to search for any-new-effect-it-can-find in the neutrino oscillation spectrum, but will also continue to contribute to the "standard parameter" measurements worldwide. Looking to the future,the NOVA experiment has started taking data and the initial results could point to an optimal line up of the parameters for this experiment's success. if we are to learn about CP violation in the neutrino sector in the coming decade, NOVA could be augmented with a new experiment in the NuMI beam: CHIPS is one such experiment, a novel water Cherenkov detector using a unique body of water in the path of the NuMI beam to reduce costs of mechanical structure. Its other unique feature is the use of good timing and position  of small PMTs to reduce the total photo-cathode coverage to  make it even more cost effective. Work has been ongoing on the design and prototyping over the last two years.