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Search for Dark Matter Axion with TASEH

Axion is a hypothesised particle proposed to solve the (charged-parity) CP symmetry problem in quantum chromodynamics (QCD). Due to its weak coupling to the standard model particles, axion is also a candidate for Cold Dark Matters (CDM). TASEH is the first haloscope experiment in Taiwan that looks for axions from the galaxy halo. In our experiment, we immerse a microwave cavity in a strong magnetic field in order to measure the photon generated by the interaction of axions with the electromagnetic field. The system is operated under cryogenic state to maximize the signal to noise ratio (SNR). This presentation will report TASEH's result from the first physics run in 2021, and our future plans to improve the sensitivity of the detector.

Host: Ariel Zuñiga Reyes
Event series  eHEP Seminars and Events