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2D Transition metal dichalcogenides: A platform for new phases and phenomena

Propelled by the isolation of graphene the continued efforts to go beyond silicon electronics, especially in two dimensional crystals, has been a major focus in recent years. Rectifying a major drawback, namely the lack go a gap in the electronic spectrum, transition metal dicalcogenides (TMDs) have emerged as a new platform in this quest. A remarkable surprise is the topological aspect of the band structure enabling unprecedented capabilities arising from the confluence of lack of inversion symmetry and spin orbit coupling. Evidence for strong electron electron interactions suggest that there are more surprises in store. In this talk I will introduce the system and its unique features. Focusing on superconductivity, I will outline the unconventional states that are anticipated, their response to pair breaking perturbations and, if time permits, a route to proximally induce topological superconductivity in a ferromagnetic chain.