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Identifying spin liquids and exotic quantum criticality in a kagome Bose-Hubbard model using entanglement entropy

The scaling of entanglement entropy in quantum many-body wavefunctions is expected to be a fruitful resource for identifying exotic quantum phases and phase transitions in condensed matter systems.  In dimensions greater than one, numerical advances on this front has been slow; however the recent development of estimators for entanglement entropy in quantum Monte Carlo is promising to change this.  After reviewing some results for entanglement scaling in typical two-dimensional wavefunctions, I will demonstrate how a gapped Z2 spin liquid phase can be identified in a non-trivial Bose-Hubbard model through it's topological entanglement entropy.  This model also contains an exotic XY* phase transition between the spin liquid and a conventional superfluid phase, mediated by excitations with fractional charge.  This can be demonstrated numerically through conventional observables; I will also discuss recent proposals to identify it via scaling of entanglement entropy.