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Modulated magnetism in the ferromagnet PrPtAl : first clear experimental +evidence of the ‘order by disorder’ theory

The ferromagnet PrPtAl is unlike any other. At the phase boundary +between paramagnetism and ferromagnetism the fluctuations of the order +parameter are so strong that energetically favourable phases of novel modulated +magnetism emerge. In fact, it’s the lack of order (the ‘disorder’) that is +pivotal to promote a new ‘order’. This mechanism is referred to as ‘order by +disorder’ and is the centre of numerous theoretical studies [2,3]. In this +seminar, following an introduction on the topic of ferromagnetic materials, I +will show how we can use both electrical and thermal conductivities to learn +everything about these phases of modulated magnetism and to validate the +predictions of the ‘order by disorder’ theory.

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