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Spin Order in Paired Quantum Hall States


The spin ordering of the observed quantized Hall plateau with sigma xy =5/2 e 2 /h has become a pressing issue due to its pertinence to the identification of this state of matter as a potential platform for topological quantum computation. Experimental and numerical
studies have not, thus far, settled this issue, although they are consistent with a fully spin-polarized Moore-Read Pfaffian ground state. In this talk, I will present theoretical and numerical evidence that the ground state at this fraction is polarized even if the Zeeman energy vanishes [1].   I will construct an effective Ginsburg-Landau theory by drawing analogies with the spin physics at nu=1, and the physics of triplet ferromagnetic superconductors. The novel features of a proposed phase diagram include the existence of partially polarized paired states, as well as novel topological spin textures as elementary excitations. I will discuss the experimental significance of our work.


[1]  I. Dimov, B. Halperin, C. Nayak, arXiv:0710.1921, accepted to Phys. Rev. Lett..