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Superconductivity in Infinite-Layer Nickelates

The infinite-layer nickelates LnNiO2 (Ln = trivalent lanthanide) have long been proposed as a potential analog to the copper oxide (cuprate) superconductors due to their similarities in the crystal structure and electronic configuration. In this context, the recent discovery of superconductivity in the hole-doped infinite-layer nickelates1 is an exciting development that presents a unique opportunity to further understand the longstanding problem of unconventional superconductivity via the comparison of the two material systems. I will first discuss how we have stabilized this new superconducting material using a soft-chemistry synthesis approach,2 then present the current understanding of its physical properties in relation to those of the cuprates. I will further discuss our recent work revealing the inherent phase diagram of the infinite-layer nickelates, which is surprisingly reminiscent of the cuprate phase diagram.3

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Host: Young-June Kim
Event series  Toronto Quantum Matter Seminars